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Ascension HD is clearly focused on high-quality and Www Media Fire Com Minecraft 0 13 0photo-realistic graphics in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Almost 80% of all texture packs have the opposite concept of blockiness, cubic and pixelated. You rarely can find realistic HD textures with a resolution of 512x. It is this pack that meets all the requirements of photo realism, although it is still in development and not fully completed.
By: Bohn77

Changelog v1.0.7:

Added new blocks
The package is divided into three versions, depending on the resolution. In addition, there is a fully adapted Xbox version for Minecraft Bedrock. Well, if you want a complete immersion in realism, then download the sound pack.

Changelog v1.0.5:

Updated many blocks

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New heavenly bodies
Textures are optimized which reduced the overall file size

Changelog v1.0.1:

Added many new blocks
Now you can turn off the new sounds in the settings
Optimization and support for MCPE 1.13

What is Ascension HD?

Choose these textures if you really want to see a different world like the real one. A sense of realism is expressed in blocks that have received a believable appearance. You will clearly see tree cracks, stone roughness and the smoothness of the grass. Do not wait for a full pack with replaced blocks and items, updates are already on the way.
Www media fire com minecraft 0 13 0In addition to photo realism, the pack adds new sounds and contains shaders for Minecraft PE. If you are not satisfied with how they look and affect the graphics, then select others from the category by clicking on the link.

What does Minecraft photorealism look like?

Www Media Fire Com Minecraft 0 13 0 Apk

How to install the Ascension HD Texture Pack?

1. Download the pack and run it using Minecraft PE.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download Ascension HD Textures for Minecraft PE 1.12
Download Ascension HD Textures v1.0.1 for Minecraft PE 1.13
Download Ascension HD Textures v1.0.5 for Minecraft PE 1.13Download Ascension HD v1.0.7 for Minecraft PE [128x][Mobile]
Download Ascension HD v1.0.7 for Minecraft PE [256x][Mobile]
Download Ascension HD v1.0.7 for Minecraft PE [512x][Mobile]
Download Ascension HD for Minecraft PE [SoundPack][Mobile]
Download Ascension HD v1.0.7 for Minecraft PE [128x][Xbox]
Download Ascension HD v1.0.7 for Minecraft PE [256x][Xbox]
Download Ascension HD v1.0.7 for Minecraft PE [512x][Xbox]
Download Ascension HD for Minecraft PE [SoundPack][Xbox]

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