All Activation Windows 7-8-10 8.5 adalah sebuah program yang berisi kumpulan activator windows yang dapat anda gunakan untuk mengaktifkan semua jenis windows yang ada mulai dari windows xp, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, dan juga windows 10. MS Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator For Office and Windows Free Download. MS Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator is very powerful tool which is activating your windows and Microsoft offices without internet. It is universal activator which is helping you to activate your Microsoft product like windows operating systems and offices.

  1. Download Win7 Free
  2. Win7 Activator 5 0 Free Download Version
  3. Win7 Activator 5 0 Free Download 64-bit

Do you keep getting the prompt to activate your Windows 7 or the Windows 7 that you are using is not genuine? Does it make your nervous every time you get this prompt? Well, you can fix it by activating your Windows 7. Activating your windows allows you to make your Windows copy a legitimate one. We will guide you through the best methods to achieve this in this article.

Part 1. Use Windows 7 Activator Tools to Activate Windows 7

1. Windows Loader v2.2.2

As a Windows 7 activator tool, Windows Loader can be used across different versions of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Below are the steps to activate Windows 7 for free with this tool.

Step 1. Temporarily disable the anti-virus on your PC. Your anti-virus will prevent you from activating a pirated Windows copy file.

Step 2. Open control panel on your computer. Click on 'System and Security'.

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Step 3. Select User Account Control Settings and set it to 'Never Notify'.

Step 4. Download and Install Windows Loader v2.2.2

Step 5. Restart your PC.

2. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.4

This tool is useful for activating your Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. It is capable of activating Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It can also be used to activate Microsoft Office from 2007 to 2016. Check the steps below to activate Windows 7 using this tool.

Step 1. Disable the anti-virus on your computer temporarily.

Step 2. Navigate to 'Control Panel'. Click on 'System & Security'. Open User Account Control Settings and set it to 'Never Notify'.

Step 3. Download and Install Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.4. After running the program, click the Windows icon on the software interface,

Step 4. The activation tab comes on, click on 'EZ-Activator'.

Step 5. The copy of your Windows will be activated within seconds.

Step 6. Restart your PC so that your settings can take effect.

3. KMSPico

This tool is another Win7 activator that you can use to activate different versions of Windows 7 including Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium.

It is an effective Management Service Activation Method that supports not only Microsoft Windows 7 but also other Windows version. And it requires just a click to activate your Windows.

Step 1. Temporarily disable the anti-virus on your PC. Your anti-virus will prevent you from activating a pirated Windows copy.

Step 2. Open control panel on your computer. Click on 'System and Security'.

Step 3. Select User Account Control Settings and set to'Never Notify'.

Step 4. Download and Install the latest version of KMSPico. Launch KMSPico and click on the red button.

Step 5. You will get a success message. Restart your PC.

Part 2. Use Code to Activate Windows 7

You can also use the activation code to activate your Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise. Check the steps below if you wish to use code to activate Windows 7.

Step 1. Visit this link

Step 2. Create a new text document and copy and paste the code above into the document.

Step 3. Save the document as a batch file and name it as 'windows7.cmd'.

Step 4. Run the batch file as administrator. You will see the output.

You can use this method to activate both Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Professional (both 32-bit and 64-bit variant).

Part 3. Recover Windows Password After Activating Windows 7

After activating Windows 7, you may forget or lose your Windows password. Don't fret, Passper WinSenior offers you an effective way to remove or reset local/ admin password without reinstalling Windows system. It is 100% effective, and you will not have to worry that your data will be damaged no matter how complex the forgotten password is. It works with Windows 2003, Vista, XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

You need to have three things in place before using Passper WinSenior.

  • USB drive or storage disk of at least 512MB free space.

  • A spare computer running on the Windows OS.

  • The latest version of PassPer WinSenior.

Steps to Recover Windows Password with PassPer WinSenior

Step 1Download and install the trial version of this program on a separate computer other than the one that is locked. On this spare computer, you will use PassPer WinSenior to create a reset disk on the storage drive or disc.

Step 2Insert the USB flash drive into the second computer where you have installed PassPer WinSenior, and click on 'Create' to write the ISO image to USB drive. Once the burn is successful, you will receive a pop-up notification as below. You might want to back up the important files in your USB drive first in case of any data loss.

Step 3Remove the USB drive and insert it into the computer you wish to lock. Reboot and boot the computer from USB drive from Boot menu by following the steps on the software interface.

Step 4After your computer has successfully started from the USB drive, PassPer will be loaded on the computer. Select 'Reset Windows Password' and click on 'Next' to proceed.

Step 5Select the target user for which you wish to reset your password and then click on 'Next'.

Step 6Type in the password you would use and then click on 'Reset'.

Step 7You should see a notification that the password has been reset successfully. Click 'Reboot Computer' and then eject the bootable disk. Now click 'Reboot Now' to restart the computer. Once the computer power's on, use the new password to unlock it.

Passper WinSenior is your go-to software if you want to recover your lost or forgotten Windows password without stress or losing your data. Download the trial version today, and maybe a trial will convince you.

Download KMSpico is an activator tool that can activate any version of Windows and Office application without buying a license key. It is specially designed for the Windows operating system, and also Microsoft Office. We all know that Windows and Office are very popular programs for computer users. After activation, you can enjoy these MS products for the lifetime with premium features. That is the reason why people are using this application for free lifetime activation.

We know that most of the software is not free to use as like Windows and Office. So, you need to buy these products from Official website. People always try to activate these products differently. KMS Activator for windows 10 is a very useful tool that can activate your Windows. You cannot enjoy premium features until you register your Office or Windows. You will get a complete guideline about how to activate Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and also Office 2013, Office 2016.

What is KMSPico?

KMSPico for Windows 10 is a great activator tool that will use to activate your Windows or Office activation. Microsoft Windows or Office is not a free application. You must purchase these products if you want to use for a long time. Without activation of Microsoft products, you cannot enjoy the premium features. So, you must activate to unlock these premium features which are available. It can help you to activate your OS and Office. It can make the premium version of Windows or Office.

So, by using the activator, It can make the lifetime activation for Windows or Office. It is the best and easy way to activate these Microsoft applications. If you want to unlock the cool features and limitations, then you should use this tool. You can also purchase Windows product key and Office key if you have money. But here we are also providing the activator for Windows and Office activation and unlock new features for your applications.

Is It Windows 10 Activator Too?

Yes, you can activate your Windows 10 by using KMS tools. Now Windows 10 is the most popular and secure operating system. Microsoft already stopped Windows XP, and they will shut down Windows 7 very soon. They are focusing only Windows 10 system. So, most of the people are using Windows 10 on their CPU. To activate your Windows 10 operating system, Windows 10 activator is the best solution for you. It is not easy to activate Windows 10, but there are many ways to activate these products. You will find many tools and activators that you can use for Office and Windows activation.

Windows 10 has the most advanced security system and many new features. That’s why it is the best and popular OS now. So you can use this activator that can be used to activate Windows 10 with Office applications too if you don’t activate your operating system. We know that Without activation, we can use these products but we will not get all the features. So Windows 10 crack is a very easy way to activate Microsoft Windows and Office. Here you have guide about how to activate Windows 10 that can help you to activate correctly. But first, you should download Windows 10 activator from our website.

Are you still want to use this activator for Windows and Office activation? If yes, we have two option to download, and you can get it as free from below:

KMSPico 10 Version:

KMSpico 11 Version:

KMSPico vs KMSAuto

Both are the best activators by kms team. These two activators can be used for Windows 10 and Office activation. But there is some difference between these two activators. To use KMS-pico activation, you need to install first, then you can use it, but on the other hand, you don’t need to install kmsauto net. So, it is quite same to use.

Top Key Features of KMS Activator

There are many cool features which are available in application. By using Office 2016 activator, you can enjoy these features for free. Here you can also know how to use this activator for activation. See more in below:

Genuine Activation:

After complete the activation of your Windows or Office, you will get the genuine version. That means the license is looking thoroughly genuine and clean. By using this application, Microsoft cannot find out any difference in Windows and Office activation. So, you can unlock all the cool features.

No-Expired Date:

There are few tools which cannot activate for the lifetime. But with Office activator, You will get for a lifetime activation for Office and Windows. There are no trail times such as 30 days, 90 days time. You can use this tool for unlimited time with permanent activation. So, no expired date for activation.

Win7 Activator 5 0 Free DownloadWin7 activator 5 0 free download 32-bit

No Detection:

With this application, Microsoft can’t detect that is used license key or crack files. The activator goes frequently updated when the new update will be available. So, you are totally safe to use for a long time.

Safe and Clean:

There is no virus, or malware. It is 100% safe and clean to use. You can use this application without any hesitate.One click to Use:If you are a new user and don’t know how to use it, you don’t need to worry because you can activation within just a click. You can easily activate your Windows and Office for a lifetime and it takes less than a minute.

100% Free:

Most of the activator are free to use. For this one, You don’t need to pay for activation because it is fully free for everyone. You can enjoy this tool for the lifetime.

Windows OS (32 & 64 Bit):

Download Win7 Free

You can use KMS activator on Office and Windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. You can also use this tool on Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 operating system with all versions of Office.

So, you will get these cool features for free. If you need to activate your Windows or Office, then you should use this tool that is fully free for you.

Installing Guideline: How to Activate

Automatic and manual mode

Win7 Activator 5 0 Free Download Version

This is portable software; for this reason, it can active windows and Microsoft office without limit. In this software, there has an automatic and manual mode. When you are not experienced to active Microsoft product and windows with this application. In this case, you should use automatic mode. In automatic mode, your windows system active without any key or telephone activation. It easy to activate your product just goes in the main windows than press the Activation button.

Before doing this, you must disable anti-virus protection and windows defender firewall. It does not take too much time when it finished; you can see the message that successful activation. You must need to restart your computer after finish all the process. If this application doesn’t need active your windows or office product, and the show failed attempt. In this case, you have to use the manual mode of this software.

Another way of Activation

Win7 Activator 5 0 Free Download 64-bit

On the internet, there are many ways to activate windows, but most of these are fake. Some website offers you to activate windows with product key. They give you a huge number of a product key to try for activation, and it works very rare is a very long-time process you waste your valuable time to the searching 25-digit key. On the other hand, some people use cmd to active windows and Microsoft office. It is a very hard process of activation and it not working for everyone or every version.

KMSpico is reliable easy than others. Most of the people active their window with this software, so it is the world most famous windows activator application. If you want to use your windows and Microsoft office like the genuine version without free of cost. So, it will best activator to make your windows and office genuine for permanent.

Active older version of windows and office

Older version of Windows such as windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 8.1 those are still now popular and famous. A huge number of people use windows 7 because the operating system’s interface is user-friendly. Win 7 has so many features that help the user to use smoothly. If you are using one of those windows operating system. You must need to use it to activate your windows. With this software you also a current old version of Microsoft office. This application makes your operating system and Microsoft product genuine quickly for a lifetime.

Download Activator

KMS is one of the best activate tool that you can enjoy for free. Many websites are available on the Internet that you can download the tools. You need to complete the survey or sometimes you will also get malware when you download.

You should be careful when you download from 3rd party sites because you will get virus or malware through the mirror links. We are providing the latest version of KMSpico for free.

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