VLC media player is very popular across the globe due to its powerful functions --- playing files, discs in all kinds of formats. Furthermore, some people may even directly use it to record online videos for convenience sake. But when we use this versatile program to record video, such problems usually arise as 'VLC not recording video' or 'VLC record button not working', etc. If you do encounter some recording problems with VLC player, please proceed reading. This passage will try to help analyse some of these problems and recommend satisfactory fixes and alternatives.

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  1. Vlc Media Player For Mac Not Working Mac
  2. Vlc Media Player For Mac Not Working Windows 10
  3. Vlc Media Player For Mac Not Working Remotely

How to Reset VLC Media Player. VLC is a free media player for multiple platforms, developed by the VideoLAN project. This wikiHow article will help you to reset VLC back to its default settings. Causes of VLC Player not working VLC Player might not be installed correctly on your system You could be trying to load a corrupt or unsupported file. The VLC Player could have been corrupted as well. It may sound useless, but why not? If you are not a fan of the YouTube interface or want to access the codec information, then mighty VLC will help you again. Copy the video URL, open the player and proceed to the Media menu again. Click Open Network Stream, and paste the URL into the box. The video will be loaded and played instantly in the. If Control Bar and Menu Bar are disappeared and went missing from your VLC Media Player then your VLC Media Player looks like the above-given figure. In that case to Fix this issue use given steps on your system. Firstly, open VLC media player on your PC and right-click on its blank screen anywhere.


  • 1. Reason for VLC Failed to Record Video on Your Computer
  • 2. An Alternative Solution to Record Video Easily
  • 3. Troubleshoot - Some Issues You May Encounter While Recording Screen with VLC

Reason for VLC Failed to Record Video on Your Computer

One of the common problems shared by many VLC media player users to record videos is like this:

'The reason for such a VLC collapse has nothing to do with your operation but is highly related to a system bug: recording and transcoding are somehow broken in latest builds. Unfortunately, this is a known issue still awaiting for a fix. Even so, it is recommended that you should use an older VLC version (v2.0.8 or 2.1.5) to reduce the incidence of breakdowns.' (From VLC users)

Other similar recording problems can try the same workaround of switching versions, for example, when VLC recording somehow stops in the middle of the event when you are watching a stream.

An Alternative Solution to Record Video Easily

There is no doubt that VLC media player is exceptionally an expert on media player, but on other additional features, like recording, there is still room for improvement. So in order to smoothly record screen videos, a more professional alternative is your best choice. In this article, we have already selected one to help you save time and efforts.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is the best answer. As a professional screen recorder, its get the upper hand in the following aspects compared with VLC media player:

• It is pretty stable during long-hour recording while VLC media player or its Audio Sound crashes from time to time when playing videos.

• It supports recording region of any size, ranging from full screen to a manually-dragged area; whereas, VLC can only record full region.

• It can be a separate video recorder, webcam recorder and audio recorder or a combined screen recorder with webcam and audio.

• It comes with abundant editing features during recording, such as drawing, annotating or screenshots, which are extremely helpful for walk-throughs or game commentary recording.

If your VLC recording does not work well and you feel VideoSolo Screen Recorder is to your taste, you can click here to download it.

Note: there are 2 versions of similar features respectively for Windows users and Mac users. Operational steps are almost identical except on different interface.

Step 1. Install and Select Video Recorder

After installation, open it and click on the 'Video Recorder' button on its main interface.

Step 2. Main Interface of Video Recorder

Define your recording area by navigating your cursor across the window on which your video is playing, or by selecting region modes on the drop-down menu beside the first button.

Step 3. Start Recording and Edit During Recording

Click on the 'REC' button to initiate recording. Then begin playing your video. During recording, you can add your annotations or draw on the recording. Moreover, you are able to take screenshots as you desire.

Step 4. Stop Recording

To end recording, click on the stop button on the toolbar or use your hotkey. Specify the directory and save it.

Troubleshoot - Some Issues You May Encounter While Recording Screen with VLC

When using VLC for recording, you are most likely to find some other problems as below:

1. When you try to extract a clip from an MPEG-2 file with VLC 2.1.0 on windows 7, it turns out the saved file does not record video only audio of MP3 format.

Solution 1: Uninstall and then reinstall VLC to get it to work.

Solution 2: Disable video acceleration before recording by clicking Tools> Preferences> Video> remove the check beside Accelerated video output (Overlay).

2. After updating VLC to version 3.0.0, to stop recording, pressing the record button won't work and you cannot find any saved file in your VLC record folder.

Solution: Your Windows Defender's 'Controlled Folder Access' feature is preventing VLC from saving any new file anywhere. So go check your Windows Defender.

3. Sometimes when you record a short clip from a DVD and try to keep the subtitles, you may find even though there are subtitles normally showing up during playing, the recorded segment doesn't include the subtitles.

Solution: This is because subtitles are generally on a separate file and are overlaid onto the movie. So one way to solve your problem is to burn the subtitles on the movie before recording.

VLC is indeed a great media player, but also comes with some shortcomings in recording. Hope the above tips for VLC not recording video with audio can be helpful for you. If you want to have more targeted or advanced recording experiences, try VideoSolo Screen Recorder and you will never regret!

You will notice that when using VLC to play videos, each time you select a video with a different screen resolution, the size of the VLC window changes dimensions depending on the resolution of the new file playing. Brighterguide is here to give you most reliable details about VLC media player interface Mac.

A low-resolution file will play in a tiny window, and the next high-resolution file you play expands the window until it blocks everything else from view. Brighter guide.com covers vast topics related to technology, and you can browse through the issues.

It is annoying, if not frustrating, to have to continually change the window dimensions of the VLC player whenever you play several files one after another with different screen resolutions. These changes can easily interrupt your work, and here is how to stop it. Discover also how to update BIOS, Chrome disable automation extension, and how to add height of edittext dynamically.

Contents1 Block the Resizing Feature
  • For
  • Block the Resizing Feature

    The VLC Media Player is a powerful, efficient app in Mac that plays all kinds of media in several formats on your Mac. Having the VLC app on your device allows you to download and watch anything, and you don’t have to worry about sizes, compatibility, or conversions. Launch the VLC player application. You don’t need to play any particular file to carry out the steps below.

    1. At the top of the VLC window, there is an array of options available to customize your VLC player’s settings. Tap on Tools option.
    2. A drop-down appears below the option. Scroll down the menu and select the Preferences section. You can alternatively, press Ctrl + P ( a shortcut to the same command).
    3. The previous command opens a new window that carries an array of choices. From here, you can control how to interact with the program, from the interface to the hotkeys. Look under the Interface section of the page, and find the “Look and Feel” segment.
    4. From this page segment, there is an option titled “Resize Interface to Video Size.” You have now found where the settings that make VLC change its size according to different videos. Now uncheck the box next to the option: This move will prevent this feature from affecting the VLC presentation in the future.
    5. Tap Save and to restart VLC and for the changes effect.

    If ever you have a trouble about mouse not working windows 10 or how to add height of edittext dynamically, we can also help you with those. Just keep on exploring our site!

    VLC details

    • The app plays almost any audio or video file without the need for additional codecs
    • The apps’ last update was on 10/09/19
    • In the past six months, the app has had three updates
    • You will find 0 flags on VirusTotal
    • You can also use it with on iOS and Windows

    Method 2

    The method above may not be favorable for you. But we will achieve the same using a different approach.

    1. 1. Hold down win + R then type: userprofile/AppData/Roaming/VLC in the new window that will pop up and press Enter
    2. The above command takes you to the VLC folder that carries files that relate to the program. You will see a file titled VLRC. Use the notepad to Open the VLRC file.

    NOTE: Before you use this method, make a separate copy of the original VLRC file. You make a copy of the original to shield you if you make a mistake that is irreversible doing modifications to the data. The additional text will be useful to replace the damaged file with the original one.

    1. A long list of coded lines across the page appears. The Edit option is at the top. Click Find from the drop-down menu and search for “Resize Interface to the native Video Size.”
    2. Find “Resize Interface to the native Video Size” highlighted it from the search results, then change then move the line from 1 to 0
    3. Click on the File tab, then the Save option to save the changes or press ctrl + S

    What the Resize Feature Accomplishes

    VLC resizes according to different file resolutions to show you the best possible image from the video file. Keeping the VLC window at a constant size by disabling the resize option means that the video quality of the video images will suffer. When the display window is either too big or too small for a video, the quality is automatically altered. You can also read YouTube alternatives where you can download videos to play in VLC.

    Vlc Media Player For Mac Not Working Mac


    What does VLC stand for? VLC stands for VideoLAN Client or Visible Light Communication . What is VLC? VLC is an open-source multimedia player that plays most files such as DVDs, VCDs, audio CDs, and today’s typical type of storage Flash disks across different platforms. Is VLC media safe? VLC is authentic with sleek features for you to download and use. However, make sure you download it from an approved site to avoid infecting your device with malware. Why is VLC popular? VLC is popular for good reasons only.
    1. It is free
    2. It supports all file formats without support from other codecs
    3. VLC optimizes video and audio playback for different devices

    Vlc Media Player For Mac Not Working Windows 10

    4. The app supports streaming, and it can extend with downloadable plugins How do I make VLC remember the playback position? Launch the media player and click on Tools, select Preferences or choose to use the shortcut Ctrl + P. Tap continue under interface Payback and uncheck the option. Select Save for the changes to take effect.

    Vlc Media Player For Mac Not Working Remotely


    Changing the dimensions of the VLC window is a way to optimize the viewing of different resolutions. It gets pretty annoying to continually deal with a changing VLC window from tiny to covering the whole screen.

    Fortunately, the methods above will help you sort the problem once and for all. Share your experiences about VLC resizing below.

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