running NX 8 on new Macbook Pro

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running NX 8 on new Macbook Pro

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thread561-236024: NX run natively on Mac OS?
Ive just ordered the new macbook pro and have decided to convert from a PC to a mac. The main reason is I'm always on the road and I'm sick of carrying my huge Dell Precision M6500 workstation around with its power adapter that is nearly as big and heavy as the laptop itself.
When I see the size and spec of the new macbook I am really hoping NX8 will run smoothly on it?
I work as a designer and design engineer in the consumer electronics industry and open large assembly files with many components.
I am hoping someone can give me some advice on what operating system to run NX8 on? Mac side or windows side?
Is NX 8 even available on a mac yet?
Is it a good decision trying to run NX8 on windows on a macbook pro?
I have four weeks till its delivered and I hope I have made a good decision...
Anyone with experience running nx on a mac it would be great if you could share with me your experience.

Unigraphics Nx For Mac Os

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