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Marleyman's Train Simulator Download Store. Free Routes, Scenarios, Trains, Maps, Reskins and more for Railworks - Train Simulator 2012 toTS20XX. High Speed downloads and no fees. Create an account now with just your name and e-mail address. All email addresses must be confirmed by the store owner before you will have full access to the downloads. In this video I show how to create a free roam scenario in Train Simulator and how to get the best out of it when running it. It was also a great opportunity.

- TS 2019
Credits: - Halycon, TrainTeamBerlin

Train simulator free scenarios download
After having success with the first two scenario packs, we come up with some new improvements that we let flow into the third scenario pack. We are proud to present this outstanding large piece of software after an unexpected long time of development. The numbers of about 100 wagons and 500 AI vehicles beat all of our previous addon records. Our regular customers who already own the first scenario packs will have to discover a lot, as well: the vehicle pool is expanding of 8 new engine classes, about 50 new engine paintworks and 13 new wagon models with several paintings - all in all 175 novelties.
We are able to pep our scenarios based on this huge vehicle pool. We can arrange services in operation more realistic and show new operational situations. On top we deliver new objects for forming the scenery - we increase the number of our construction work set objects as well as delivering new PZB magnets and vegetation objects…
In short: come with us on a journey along the tracks around the railway spot of Seddin. The focus of this addon is of course on operating on the tracks to this outstanding railway yard that we want to show in manifold situations. Every scenario is telling its own chapter of the large repertoire of the railway system, decorated with a lot of local storytelling.
There are ten scenarios at all which offer hours of driving pleasure. Two versions of each scenario were created - one especially for users of our PlusPacks.
Features Scenario Pack Vol. 3:
  • Vehicles:
    • Double deck coaches ('Innovation coaches', 9): 1st Class, 2nd Class coaches and cab car in the versions 'RE160', 'Regio DB' and 'Hanse-Express'. Complex original sound. Pixel accurate train destination display with numberous destinations that can be labeled.
    • Double deck coaches ('DBuz', 2): upgraded former DR double deck mid coach with disc brake. Control car class 760, versions 'Regio DB', 'Airport Express Schönefeld' and 'blank'. Extensive original sound. Exact train destination displays/train movement signs with numberous destinations that can be labeled.
    • IC-Coaches (37): Wagon set with InterRegio- and InterCity-Coaches of different tyoes and paintings. Complex original sound. Doors open and close randomly shifted. Digital PIS can be labeled.
    • Married-Pair-Coaches (8): wagon set of the Interconnex. Complex sound, train destination displays can be labeled. Versions: 'blank' and 'InterConnex'.
    • n-Coaches (8): Wagon set with Bn and ABn coaches in mint green and traffic red. Bn coach in silver with peacock moth pattern as bonus. Cab car type 'Karlsruher head' in mint green and traffic red, type 'Wittenberger head' in traffic red. Complex original sound with dynamic brake type choice (block/wheel disc brake) and predefined door beep. Doors open and close randomly shifted, many train destinations canbe labelled.
    • Rmms 662 (6): Heavy freight wagon with original sound, automatically placed end-of-train signals and coupled brake hoses. Empty and loaded with excavator, bulldozer, steel slabs, cable drums or tank L6A2.
    • Falns-Wagon (14): Bulk cargo wagon in 14 versions (DB & PKP). Complex sound, end-of-train signal automatically placed.
    • Fas-Wagon (4): Bulk cargo wagon in 4 versions (DB Cargo & Railion). Complex sound, end-of-train signal automatically placed.
  • more (AI-)trains:
    • ICE1: Different EMUs, original sound, forename can be changed.
    • ICE-T (BR411): EMU with original sound and active tilting techniq. Blind windows, ICE-Logo and ÖBB logo labeled automatically according to EMU-numbering. Forename, bow flap state and panto state can be preselected.
    • BR101 (14): 13 different engines, dirty and/or with advertisement paintings. Original sound and panto preselection.
    • BR114/143 (5): Versions with/without train destination display, MEG & RBH. Original sound.
    • BR146.2 (2): Engines for use as InterConnex express train. Train destination can be labeled, original sound.
    • BR151 (5): Versions DB Cargo/Railion, RBH and the green designated museum engine. Original sound.
    • BR152 (4): Versions in traffic red (Railion) and in green with harvester ad.
    • BR145/185 (76): Numerous freight locos with original sound and panto preselection. Train destination display of the Regio-145 can be labeled.
    • BR193/247 (10): Vectron with E- and DE-version, Siemens, MRCE and boxXpress variants, panto preselection.
    • BR218.8 (2): ICE tow engines mit Scharfenberg coupling. Original sound.
    • BR219/229 (14): Diesel engines in versions of DR, DB, Bahnbau and MEG including museum engine 119 158 with train destination display that can be labeled.
    • BR231-234 (7): Ludmilla with severail paint schemes of DB, Bahnbau, WFL, ITL und EWR. Original sound.
    • BR423 (4): EMU from Stuttgart as 'S21'-service for Berlin. Original sound, train destination display can be labeled.
    • BR481: S-Bahn Berlin with original sound. Doors open and close randomly shifted - acoording to ZAT rules. Many train destination displays can be labeled.
    • BR650: DMU of the ODEG type 'RegioShuttle'. Original sound, train destination display that can be labeled.
    • Berlin metro type A3L: Berlin metro for AI service at Gleisdreieck.
    • IC-Coaches (40): Special ressource friendly versions of the player wagons with additional versions.
    • Museum train coaches(3): Coaches of types Bghw and DBghws for museum trains. Original sound.
    • Freight wagons: Wagon set with new constructed and ressource friendly freight wagons. About 140 paintings of 18 wagon types in 2 versions each - useable for static consists and AI trains. End-of-train signals automatically placed and different original sounds.
  • new weather models:
    • Heavy rain with storm
    • Thunderstorm with lightning flashs and acoustic thunders, rainbow
    • Snow storm
    • Ground fog
  • Additional:
    • Announcements in scenarios (Usage of 3D Byte Soundsystem)
    • real labeled train destination displays on the platforms
    • Signals for scenarios: PZB magnets, Speed testing system (GPA), Lf signals with night lightning that can be labeled dynamically
    • Objects for embellishing scenarios: numerous construction work objects including excavator, crane etc. and fallen trees.
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