Roam Free VR is a provider of arena scale VR game solutions for the amusement industry. Business in a box pro full. Our product is a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience for ages 13 and above. We provide the hardware and software so you can have a high quality VR solution that is designed to bring a fast return on investment. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now! Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.

ThirdRails Maptool, the free live map tool for Dovetail Train Simulator 2019 (32/64):

Experience a train driver’s operation at the highest level of realism possible in Train Simulator on any route with ease.
Drive real schedules, in real time, in a multiplay style on the Community Radar.


RoamTrain simulator pc download free
  • Live map with several maptypes OSM (incl. heritage railways), Bing, OpenRailWayMap
  • Scenario building support with military precision using POI’s
  • Broadcasting to ThirdRails Radar, view your live map on any device
  • GPS-R device for communication, connect with other drivers
  • EBuLa device, electronic timetable with radar announcements
  • Service guard for spoken announcements based on Timetable
  • ThirdRails Real Drive extend TS QuickDrive and Free Roam with Real Drives

And if you broadcast your live map to ThirdRails Radar and Community Radar:

  • Out of the cab live map experience, your live map on any device using a webbrowser.
  • Community Radar showing all players broadcasting their livemap
  • Multiplayer, with MP events, VTOC’s posibilities
  • Whistle Board Social Network to get inspired and inspire!

ThirdRails brings your service to live!

Train Simulator Create Free Roam Game

First of all Happy New Year to all.
Now, the issue is, I simply cannot select a train in free roam (just installed Railworks but I'm already familiar with it). I read a thread of a guy with the same issue but couldn't find a solution. Maybe this is something painstakingly obvious but apparently all you have to do is click on a train and you become the driver. I can't click, though. When I load any free roam scenario, I am put into a location from which I cannot move, I have no menu and no buttons (don't know if this is normal). Sometimes there are visible trains, other times there aren't. No matter how much I click on a train, it doesn't do anything, and I am stuck with no buttons and the game refuses to do anything. I have clicked every button on the keyboard - the only thing that works is '9' which opens the map. The map works fine and the switches change completely fine. All other scenarios work fine
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!!
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