Pages for Mac – Free Templates for Pages for Mac It's 2019, and Pages for Mac (Previously iWork) is still a great resource for creating business marketing materials. Apple has done a great job of improving Pages over the years and including updated templates. Go Templates for Pages is a collection of 100 templates designed for and compatible only with Pages. Create attractive documents with templates for brochures, invoices, letters, envelopes, and business cards. Go to File, save as template and save it as: 'Blank.template' (template is the file's extension) to your Desktop. Go to the iWork folder where the Pages app is, and right-click (or ctrl-click) Pages, and select Show Package Contents, then go to Contents- Resources- Templates- Blank and copy-paste your edited Desktop file to this folder.

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Yes, I do something similar with a program I use called CocoaJT, but via the Terminal. I use English as the system language, but I prefer to use CocoaJT in French. So, I went into the ../ directory and renamed English.lproj (to Anglish.lproj), and mv'ed French.lproj to English.lproj .
Greg Shenaut

For CocoaJT, if you select the application icon and Get Info and in the Info pane uncheck English (and Japanese), under Languages, your menus will appear in French. If you uncheck English and French, the menus will appear in Japanese.

Free templates for pages mac os x

If you just want the Dutch templates, this hint is fine, but if you simply want to run Pages (or CocoaJT) in another language other than the system default, there's no need to manually go mucking around in the application's package. All you need to do is get info on the application, reveal the 'Language' section, and uncheck the box for your system language. Assuming that you have another backup language set in your International preference pane (I have it set to use Italian first, then English, then French), the program will fall back to the next language on your list that's activated for that application.

simX, very cool! Also a bit scary .. I unchecked English, and saw Keynote open in German for me, then I thought, why not delete Japanese, or another language I don't understand at all? I tried it, but the system warned me that my app might not run properly if I did this, so I canceled.

Génial! Excellent suggestion, thanks.
Greg Shenaut


This still doesn't do what I think most people want:
To be able to run their system and probably most Applications in language A (e.g. English in my case) and have the spell-checking dafault to language B (which happens to be Dutch in my case as well)
I have tried both hints but still the language field in the inspector thinks I want my spelling checked against the English dictionary. Arrgh.

I think you are right. No matter what language the menus are in, the spell check in Pages keeps reverting to English. Must be a bug, or maybe there's some non-obvious preference somewhere.
Greg Shenaut

I think the paragraph styles have a language setting. So the English templates have English paragraph styles, etc.

Well, if you select French from the info panel for Pages, leaving all the other languages disabled, and start Pages, selecting one of the (now French-titled) templates, and then look at the spell check control under Edit (or, Édition), it does indeed say Français. But then if you start typing in French, it starts flagging spelling errors; if you go back into the spell check control, now it has magically gone back to English. I think it's a bug.
Greg Shenaut

Make correct spelling in another language

the «Â Paragraph » style language must be set to the desired language
Inspector > Text > More

Since we updated our original Pages for Mac templates article, it only made sense to update this one too. Pages for Mac is still one of the best and easiest ways to create great looking business marketing materials. Apple continues to update Pages with great looking templates that you can use to create well-designed documents with ease. However, the list is limited and sometimes you want something more unique to your business or organization. New templates can be downloaded and imported into Pages and can be used alongside the Apple templates. For those of you wanting even more options, we have revised this article to include more templates. Some are free and some have a cost to download.

Pages For Mac

Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted design content from independent creatives around the world. Just about all of the templates on Creative Market have a cost, but the pricing is very reasonable with templates starting at $2.00US.

Free iWork Templates

Free iWork Templates has dozens of well designed templates for practically all of your layout needs. The site features plenty of user submitted designs for not just Pages, but Keynote and Numbers too!


Free Mac Os For Windows

Template.Net has a large library of well-designed templates, but they have a cost. What you get is a template created by a professional and support should you have any issues with the template. Sometimes that is worth the cost of purchasing a template.


Have you found good templates on the web whether free or paid? Let us know! We are always looking for good resources for Pages for Mac Templates.

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