1. Bondage

Sims 4 cage dance cc, need help. By KerrineR, July 17, 2017 in Downloads - The Sims 4. Nch videopad 5 32 registration code. I have no problem using the pole with my Sims, but with the cage, my Sims.

Although these are more poses and items than actual mod, it's still pretty insane. You can download anything from whips and chains, mouth gags, poles, duct tape, Saint Andrew's Cross's and even lingerie that makes your Sim look like she's part of an underground BDSM fight club. Many Simmers like to use their Sims to pose with these items, or just to make their Sims look super badass when they're using the sex mod - if that's what you're into. They can all be downloaded at In Sim Adult, Sexy Sims and My Sims 3 Poses. Do you know of any other 'unethical' mods I missed? Let everyone know in the comments below!
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Sims 4 Caged Dancing Pole Art

Sims 4 Caged Dancing Pole Dancers

  • One Angry Gamer 'Never say never in the world of modding. That's a pretty good maxim to live by for any popular game out there in the great nexus of game modifications and user created content. In fact, if someone told me that there would be a twerking mod for The Sims 4 I would probably just shrug and say “Well I won't be surprised until a dancing panda is twerking in The Sims”.
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