For a F1 fan, what can be better than stay at home and drive on circuit all day long ? In these days of total isolation, the MacGamesWorld team is proud to present a racing game for mac for all the genre lovers. F1 2019 Mac OS X is available in .dmg format. No virtual emulators required! Just relax in your chair while you become the F1 champion. You are able to drive on all the 21 circuits present in 2019 Formula One World Championship. Also, 20 drivers are available in this game, alongside 10 teams. Download F1 2019 for macOS right now and start your Formula One career!

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F1 2019 comes with some new features. The most important is the “driver transfers” system. The AI controlled drivers can switch team at any point of the championship. This system makes the game more intense, specially because these moves are randomly done. You never know what comes next after you end a race.
FIA Formula 2 Championship is also introduced in the game. This will mark some important points in the career mode. You can also play the entire F2 championship separately to the career mode. F1 2019 Mac OS X is the closest to reality racing simulator. The cars are very easy to handle and the career mode is outstanding. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

F1 2019 Mac OS X
– Minimum System Requirements –

  1. F1 2019 Mac OS X is the closest to reality racing simulator. The cars are very easy to handle and the career mode is outstanding. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed! F1 2019 Mac OS X – Minimum System Requirements –.
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CPU:Intel i3-2130 / AMD FX-4300
CPU Speed:2.4 GHz
OS:OS X 10.11
Video Card:Nvidia GTX 460 / HD 7750
HDD Space:82 GB

NOTE: This game is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, but to get access to this game you need to create a FREE account (more details on the download page). In this way, you will receive any new additional content (if available) and a lot more games and software for your Macbook/iMac.

What does Boxer do?

Boxer plays all the MS-DOS games of your misspent youth, right here on your Mac.

There’s no clots of configuration and baffling DOS commands between you and your fun: just drag-drop your games onto Boxer, and you’ll be playing in minutes.

Boxer takes your CDs, floppies and bootleg game copies and wraps them into app-style gameboxes you just click to play. They’re self-contained so you can back them up or share them with friends. No mess, no fuss.

If your nostalgia demands more, then decorate your games with gorgeous icons and admire your collection from your very own Finder games shelf.


Boxer is powered by DOSBox’s robust DOS emulation, which means it’ll play almost any DOS game you throw at it.

What’s new in 1.3?

  • Drag the volume up, then down, then up again with a statusbar volume control!

  • Save screenshots to the desktop with an easy shortcut!

  • Zip through boring game intros with the fast-forward key!

  • Paste text from OS X into any DOS program!

  • Gameboxes now remember all your drives from last time, so it’s dead easy to use an extra drive for sharing files between games.

  • Expanded help for installing patches & game expansions and dealing with Windows-only games.

  • Goat simulator for mac os x. Lots of little UI improvements that you won’t consciously notice but which will make your day that teeny bit happier.

  • About six gajillion bugfixes.

Full release notes

Hit the ground playing.

Boxer comes with 4 ready-to-play DOS games to whet your appetite: Commander Keen 4 and demos of Epic Pinball, Ultima Underworld and X-COM: UFO Defense. Bon appetit!


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More game demos

MS-DOS has never looked so good.

Mac Os X Simulator

Boxer is designed to look, feel and work beautifully: just like everything else you love on your Mac.

Online Os Simulator

That means Boxer fits hand in glove with OS X: you can launch programs and gameboxes straight from Finder, search your collection in Spotlight, add extra drives in DOS just by drag-and-drop.

And if you run into trouble, there’s comprehensive built-in help just a click away.

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