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Old franchises and heroes never die. Time and again, a studio like Sumo Digital releases another take on a good old game like Sonic & All-Stars Racing and we get a chance to enjoy the company of our favorite characters anew. Team Sonic Racing is a carting arcade where you are going to take part in a thrilling hilarious contest that you can share with your buddies. Is there a better way to spend a free evening? Invite your friends over and discover what Team Sonic Racing is about!

Win as a team

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This is quite an unusual racing game. Aside from arcade gameplay, it offers a gripping adventure mode and amazing multiplayer where you need to efficiently interact with your team to score a victory. Les sims 4 crack mac fr. Each team consists of three players, either real people or you and two AI pilots. The outcome of the race is calculated based on the amount of points earned by each member of the team. That means everyone’s position in the race matters. And the best result can be achieved by helping each other and supporting those who lag behind.


Sonic R Online No Download

There are multiple ways to do this in the game. The easiest is to exchange items found on the road. If you are the leader of the race, there is nobody ahead of you and you’re unlikely to need the bonus you just picked up anymore, you can simply hand it over to one of your teammates who requires it most. For instance, your friend has fallen far back. Cast them a speed boost. There is a bully ramming them and blocking their path? A missile they can shot at the feisty opponent can solve the problem. The items all vary in their effect and can be used either for attack, defense and acceleration. It’s up to you to decide how to distribute them within a team.


Another trick is to follow the trail left by the leader of the team – that will help you accelerate to a significant extent if you stay in the trail long enough. The same effect can be achieved by drifting, performing air stuns and driving through golden rings. So you should use every opportunity to gain an extra speed boost whenever possible. And of course to sweep your rivals off the track to increase chances for your team to win!

Sonic R No Download

Plenty of characters and modes

An important condition of winning is to balance your team by picking the right characters. There are 15 of them, so you won’t be short of options. Each hero belongs to one of the classes: Technique, Power or Speed. That defines the driving style of the character allowing them either to drive through any terrain without slowing down, easily break through obstacles or move at a higher speed. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Rouge and others also have different attack, defense and speed parameters. You should choose your character not just in line with your personal preferences, but also with the balance of team powers in mind.

Play Sonic Online

The gameplay is pretty diverse, with plenty of modes to try and challenges to overcome. Aside from the basic Team Adventure Mode, there are time trials, Exhibition Mode, Grand Prix Mode and a lot of others. In multiplayer, you can join your friends online and race with up to four drivers on a split screen. In other words, you will find things to do here even if your friends are busy and you are going to play on your own!

Sonic R Pc Free Download

There is also an ability to upgrade your car buying loot boxes with random improvements. This can be done for stars won in the competitions. Even though you can’t decide what you purchase, a few power-ups won’t hurt! In general, the game is a nice continuation of the legendary racing arcade. Cute graphics, gripping and highly dynamic gameplay and favorite heroes are guaranteed to give you a wonderful time! Play Team Sonic Racing online on our site and see if you can outrun your rivals to finish off first!

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