Open your.pcb file with a reader which can open the file. Print the file on the virtual PDF24 PDF printer. The PDF24 assistant opens, where you can save as a PDF, email, fax, or edit the new file. Minitool partition wizard pro key. PADS, Protel and several other programs use.pcb as a file extension. Most store the data as lines of text describing the start and end points of track segments and pad shapes so it you open it in a text editor you might find clues.

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Do I have the right program?

If you don’t have a program installed on your computer that’s compatible with PCB files, you won’t be able to open one. See if you have one of the most common programs associated with PCB files listed below.

  • P-CAD Database
  • PowerPoint Application Data File
  • Print Shop Deluxe Business Card
  • Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design
  • ExpressPCB Printed Circuit Board Layout
  • CADSTAR Printed Circuit Board Design
  • PC-Doctor File
  • PCB Artist Printed Circuit Board file
  • PADS Printed Circuit Board
  • Unknown 3.0 Binary File
  • PCB Layout Check Design Rule Template
  • ACCEL or Protel Printed Circuit Board File
  • Broderbund Print Shop Business Card
  • Ivex Winboard Design File
  • Unknown 4.0 Binary File

What type of file is it?

When you can’t open PCB files, try to figure out the file type. This can help you find the right program to open it. Usually, PCB files are considered Data Files. However, you can look up the file type to be sure. Start by right-clicking the file icon and clicking “Properties” (“More Info” if you’re on a Mac). Then look for the file type under “Type of File” (“Kind” on a Mac).

Can a developer help?

When you can’t open PCB files, a software developer might be able to help. The developers for the programs mentioned above are as follows:

P-CAD DatabaseAltium Limited
PowerPoint Application Data FileMicrosoft Corporation
Print Shop Deluxe Business CardUnknown
Protel Technology Advanced PCB DesignWindows Software
ExpressPCB Printed Circuit Board LayoutExpressPCB
CADSTAR Printed Circuit Board DesignQuadra Solutions
PC-Doctor FileUnknown
PCB Artist Printed Circuit Board fileAdvanced Circuits
PADS Printed Circuit BoardMentor Graphics Corp.
Unknown 3.0 Binary FileMicrosoft Developer
PCB Layout Check Design Rule TemplateTop Tec PCB Ltd.
ACCEL or Protel Printed Circuit Board FileMicrosoft Programmer
Broderbund Print Shop Business CardPC Software Company
Ivex Winboard Design FileMicrosoft Developer
Unknown 4.0 Binary FileWindows Programmer

Open Pcb File

Try contacting one of these developers to find out how you can open your PCB file.

Can I use a universal file viewer?

A universal file viewer is the way to go when you have PCB files that can’t be opened by any other program. Install a universal file viewer like File Magic (Download) and see if it will open your PCB file. Remember that if your file is not compatible, the universal file viewer will only open it in binary format.

Altium Viewer Online

Recommended Download

Online Pcb File Viewer

Open .pcb File Kicad

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Open Extension With:

How To Open .pcb File

NameFile NameManufacturerPrevalenceDownload
Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handlercvh.exe Microsoft Corporation 95.39%
expresspcb.exeexpresspcb.exe Engineering Express. 0.92%
The Print Shopps6.exe The Learning Company 0.79%
Home Productivity Programpsewin.exe Brøderbund Software, Inc. 0.38%
The Print Shop Premier Edition 5.0pspe5.exe Broderbund Software 0.32%
Home Productivity Programpsdwin.exe Brøderbund Software, Inc. 0.31%
dxp.exedxp.exe 0.28%
プリント基板エディタpcbe.exe 0.27%
Pro-Coin Collection Software pro-coin.exe MWP Software LLC 0.26%
PowerPCBpowerpcb.exe Mentor Graphics Corp 0.14%
SPICE Simulator w/ Schematic Capturescad3.exe 0.11%
pcb.exepcb.exe 0.1%
swriter.exeswriter.exe 0.08%
Serif PhotoPlus X3photopls.exe Serif (Europe) Ltd. 0.08%
Schematic Capture and PCB Layout Programpcbartist.exe WestDev 0.08%
The Print Shoppslaunch.exe 0.06%
psdcwin.exepsdcwin.exe 0.06%
Internet Exploreriexplore.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.05%
Schematic Capture and PCB Layout Programepcwin.exe WestDev Ltd 0.04%
Windows Wordpad Applicationwordpad.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.03%
Microsoft Office Picture Managerois.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.03%
Pad2Pad Applicationpad2pad.exe 0.03%
WISE Database Viewer Executablewisedbviewer.exe WISE Software Solutions, Inc. 0.03%
Aladdin StuffIt Expressexpress.exe Aladdin Systems, Inc. 0.02%
expresssch.exeexpresssch.exe Engineering Express. 0.02%
Mentor Graphics Applicationexpeditionpcb.exe Mentor Graphics Corporation 0.02%
Windows Media Playerwmplayer.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Microsoft Office PowerPointpowerpnt.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
Windows Photo Viewerphotoviewer.dll Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
pvypgmmain.exepvypgmmain.exe 0.01%
PADSViewerpowerpcbviewer.exe Mentor Graphics Corporation 0.01%
Microsoft Application Virtualization Client Traysfttray.exe Microsoft Corporation 0.01%
File Association Managerfam.exe 0.01%
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