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Gibbed Save Editor for Mass Effect 2

If you have the Gibbed Save Editor for Mass Effect 3, know that you can put multiple Weapon mods - and multiple copies of the same weapon mod for an additive effect - for a weapon that either Shepard or a Squad member carries around.-Open the Gibbed ME3 Save Editor-Open your save for your character-Switch to the Raw tab-Under the Section 3. Good way of 'fixing' it is to add one of the bun scalp textures in the same colour as Ashley's hair, I'm still investigating. Sofar Face structure 3,4 and 8 have huge clipping issues while 1,2,5,6,7 and 9 'only' have some clipping issues behind the ears. Added though the hairmesh seems to not properly connect to the forehead which leaves a gap. I found the following solution. Open the save in Gibbed. Go to Raw Plot Player Variables. Open the Collection editor. In 'Name' enter.

Download the most recent version from here: Gibbed Save Editor ME2

This tool does not edit the coalesced.ini file. It only edits a selected save file from your game. You use this tool to change the appearance of your Shepard, add talent points, credits, and even change plot point resolutions.

How To Use It

Because somehow i always forget and fuck shit up

Before you do anything, back up your save files by copying and pasting the files to a safe place. I like to use the desktop. Once you’ve done that, follow these steps:

  1. Open Gibbed Save Editor for Mass Effect 2 application. It doesn’t matter where you unzip the downloaded folder or where you run it.
  2. Click the folder icon in it’s menu and navigate to where Mass Effect 2 stores saves: Documents > BioWare > Mass Effect 2 > Save
  3. Select the character file you wish to edit and the most recent save.
  4. Click open and the box will disappear and you’ll see your Shepard’s information has been loaded into the Player > Basic tab.

Once you’ve opened the correct save in Gibbed, we’re ready to start playing around.


From getting free credits to appearance modifiers

I’d like to first recognize the sources for this information—none of it is my work. I’ll be linking to the original articles as I go. The reason the information is repurposed here is that I was afraid the links would over time die out and I wouldn’t have the information anymore. I’m very grateful to the original authors and all their hard work.

Quick Tweaks & Cheats

From Okogawa’s Gibbed Guide

Modify Class Mid-Game:
Raw > [+] Player

Here you can modify Class Name and Class Friendly Name fields. Your talent points will be reset to a null value of -1, so remember to go back and replace the talent point number on the Player > Basic screen with the desired number.

To become a Sentinel:
Class Friendly name: 93951
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerSentinel

To become a Soldier:
Class Friendly name: 93952
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerSoldier

To become a Engineer:
Class Friendly name: 93953
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerEngineer

To become a Adept:
Class Friendly name: 93954
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerAdept

To become an Infiltrator
Class Friendly name: 93955
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerInfiltrator

To become an Vanguard:
Class Friendly name: 93956
Class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerVanguard

Change Your Name Mid-Game:
Raw > [+] Player

Here you can modify First Name field. Click on the field that contains the current name and change it.

Change Your Hair Mid-Game (female only):
Raw > [+] Player > [+] Appearance > [+] Morph Head > Hair Mesh Free train simulator games.

Here you can modify Hair Mesh field with any of the below codes to replace your hair style. Note: might be smart to save the current code if you want to revert back to it later.






Then locate Texture Parameters field, click “Collection” […] and change the four fields values to (which ever correspondes to the selection above):

Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mom.HMF_HIR_Mom_Tang

For the “BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_MDL”
Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Cyberbabe.HMF_HIR_Cyb_Tang

Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Ashley.HMF_HIR_PROAshley_Tang

Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Sexy.HMF_HIR_Sxy_Tang

Hair_Diff: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Diff
Hair_Norm: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Norm
Hair_mask: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Mask
Hair_tang: BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.Mohawk.HMF_HIR_Mhk_Tang

Appearance modding, iris color, hair and more will be on a separate post with the corresponding imagery. It always bothers me when I have to adjust the code, go into the game, leave the game, adjust code again, repeat 1000 times. Better to just have an image for reference.

If you have any other codes to add to the above ones, please contact me with the subject line: “Shepard ME2 General Codes”. Add your name if you want credit.

How to open and edit Mass Effect 2 savegames
1. If you have not done so, download Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor
2. locate and load the savegame you want to edit
Each Mass Effect 2 career have it's own unique directory. Under Windows XP you can find the directory root folder here:
./Documents and Settings/YourComputerID/My Documents/BioWare/Mass Effect 2/Save
3. Make modifications and save the changes, then click on the 3rd icon (top left) that looks like an ancient 3.5' floppy disk, a window will pop up. Now you can change folder, overwrite or simply give your modified savegame a new name. If you give your save a new name, follow the naming restrictions to be safe i.e. if you do not want to overwrite your (example) Save_0001.pcsav save, then just save it as Save_0002.pcsav - when making major changes, try to not overwrite your original save if you messed up without knowing it.
How to locate and modify general aspects in a savegame
1. open Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor and load the savegame you want to modify
2. click the 'Raw' tab
3. under '[-] 2. Squad' click on '[+] Player' to expand the branch
4. Here you will find lots of good stuff to modify.
How to change the name of your character:
1. Under the 'Raw' tab, '[-] 2. Squad', and a expanded '[+] Player' located the 'First Name' field.
2. Left click on the field that contains the actual name, and simply change it.
3. Save and load your savegame into the game to see the changes.
How to change your class mid-game (and/or give yourself talent points):
1. In-game calculate how much 'Talent Points' your character would have after a respec and write it up, then load the savegame you want to modify with Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor.
2. Under the 'Raw' tab, '[-] 2. Squad', and a expanded '[+] Player' located these two fields directly under [+] Appearance:
class Friendly name
class Name
3. In order to now change your class to a new one replace the actual class data in class Friendly name and class Name fields with this information:
To become a Adept:
class Friendly name: 93954
class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerAdept
To become a Engineer:
class Friendly name: 93953
class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerEngineer
To become a Soldier
class Friendly name: 93952Gibbed
class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerSoldier
To become an Vanguard:
class Friendly name: 93956
class Name: SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerVanguard
(will update post later with missing classes. It take ages to make a 'new' class and actually 'get into the game'.. but the introduction is as fantastic each time one re-live it.)
4. Your talent points will reset to 'null' after a class change in the editor, so locate the field 'Talent Points' and enter the memorized number of your actual character (or cheat away with a bigger number).
5. Save and load the savegame and then distribute the talent points to your new class. You have to re-drag most battle icons since your class change often use new ones.
How to save your face (this is important as you will NEED to know how to do this later):
1. open Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor and load any savegame with a face you want to 'store'.
2. click the 'Toolbox' tab
3. click the 'Export' button.
Move out of the savegame directory and make a new folder in the Save-root folder called 'Faces'.
4. Save your 'face' with an self-explanatory title so you know what it is.
How to 'import' (i.e. replace) a face:
1. open Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor and load any savegame where you want to 'change' the face in.
2. click the 'Toolbox' tab, and press the 'Import' button.
Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Add Weapon3. Enter your 'face directory' and load the face you want.
4. Save your changes.
How to get the vanilla hero male/female poster face:
1. open Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor and load any savegame where you want to have the 'poster face'.
2. Under the 'Raw' tab, '[-] 2. Squad', and a expanded '[+] Player' expand '[+] Appearance', locate the field called: 'Has Morph Head', and change 'True' to 'False'.
Interesting facts: to change the 'poster face' back to the orginal 'playermade' version, just change the 'Morph Head' field back to 'True' and import that face from the face directory (or a new one). Failure to IMPORT a face after changing 'Morph Head' field back to 'True' will lead to a CORRUPT savegame when you save the changes!!! So make sure to always IMPORT a face after this change (now I have warned about this issue)
3. Save and load the savegame to see the changes.
How to change your in-game gender (important feature to know if you want to get 'extra' in-game romances):

Mass Effect 3 Save Editor

1. open Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor and load any savegame you want to genderchange.
2. Under the 'Raw' tab, '[-] 2. Squad', and a expanded '[+] Player' locate the field called 'Is Female'.
3a. If you are a 'male' in game, change 'Is Female = False to True'
3b. If you are a 'female' in game, change 'Is Female = True to False'
4. Save and load the game.
Interesting facts: You might encounter 'head' glitches' when changing gender! If you only changed your gender to just 'activate' a romance flag (I'll explain more about that later) don't worry about it. Activate the romance, save the game, then load the editor and gender change back.
Important facts: *IF* you receive a headglitch and plan to play 'a bit' longer or 'permanently' as a new gender, just fix the glitch with the instructions above on 'How to 'import' (i.e. replace) a face' and 'How to get the vanilla hero male/female poster face'. Remember that player generated faces are different for male/female so make sure to have some alternatives in the 'face' directory, or simply use the vanilla poster faces.
How to romance same gender crew members NOT intended by Electronic Arts/BioWare:
1. In Mass Effect 2 go to Options/Gameplay and turn on: Subtitles
The only 'same gender' romances which have full recorded voice (Jennifer Hale) is the Morinth and Kelly Chambers ones. All other 'non-intended' romances lack Mark Meer/Jennifer Hale voice-overs. In order to be able to 'experience' a non-intended romance (F/F or M/M) you MUST turn on 'Subtitles' in the game.
You can romance these characters as a female Shepard:
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
Subject Zero
Miranda Lawson
You can romance these characters as a male Shepard:
Garrus Vakarian
Thane Krios
Jacob Taylor
Route 1 (the most easy one):
Play the game as a male or female and simply change your gender when you have an 'active and on-going' romance with a 'crew member' (don't forget to turn on Subtitles).
Route 2 (sorry for big textblock - it's just I dont want you to get a messed up in-game romance):
At certain 'key-points' in Mass Effect 2 you will be able to start (activate) a gender specific romance with predetermined crew members.
The main problem with these 'key-points' is the 'point of no return' flags they turn 'ON' in your 'actual gameplay' (editor does not support modification of these flags yet) *IF* you talk to a 'not intended' romance crew member as the 'wrong' gender. Let me explain it in a more easy to understandable way:
If you as a 'female' talk to Tali when the 'romance conditions' are met for a 'male' Shepard and select her 'specific' gender-check topic (i.e. click it) 'I want to talk to you' then you will NEVER be able to romance her as a female even if you 'gender change' to a 'male' and talk with her again. Oh, it's ONLY dangerous to click the 'I want to talk to you' *WHEN* you are at a romance 'key-point', and you'll defiantly know (hear from her) when that time is there.
The ONLY WAY to not 'mess up' is to *SAVE THE GAME* 'before' talking to a non-intended crew member you want to romance. But then again, its not 'dangerous' as long you do NOT click on the 'gender-check' trigger topic (when it's activated to gender-check you for a romance flag), so all 'general discussions' with crew members are safe. But to get back on track with more examples:
If you as a female talk to 'Jack' (male only romance option) and she say something like 'she´s not into the girls club' (strange considering her own earlier story regarding bi-sex) then your toon have been flagged permanently as the wrong gender with her, and thus you cannot 'genderchange' and romance her. However, since you SAVED the game BEFORE talking with her and activated the 'gender check' topic (I think it was: 'I want to know more about you') you'll just have to start up Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor and load the savegame, then gender change you to a MALE, when done, save and load up the savegame in mass effect 2 and talk to 'Jack'. Now her 'response' will be different (i.e. you passed the gender check) and now you can activate the 'romance' if you want to.
Since I figured out all of this yesterday I have not done much testing, but I *think* the game only 'gender-check' your character once, so once you have a 'romance' going with a crew member it's 'safe' to return to your 'old gender'. My Tali romance have so far worked out just perfect with my female shepard.
Image 1: http://www.mediafire..znyy3mo&thumb=6
Image 2: http://www.mediafire..2dgmwiz&thumb=6
But as long you play it safe i.e. SAVE THE GAME before talking to a crew member your romance as not-inteded by Electronic Arts or BioWare, you can always correct/pass other 'gender checks' as explained above. But the last thing I want is to make all of this sound complicated, becouse its not!
Once again: - I think the game ONLY gendercheck you ONCE, and when you passed that check, you are SAFE all the way down to the climax with all non-inteded romances. I even want to go so far to say this: I think even Mass Effect 3 will be forced to recognize any F/F and M/M romances since it's actually only a 'flag-change'.

Me2 Gibbed

Okay.. I'll develop this guide more later, but now I need to get back to work.
Be safe all!

Mass Effect 1 Gibbed

Mass Effect 3 Gibbed

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