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Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If you wish to add working console command cheats to the game please click the link below and follow the instructions. After 4 hours of playing I noticed the game wasn't auto saving and was glitched where saviour schnaps wouldn't work. Saviour Schnapps is a Potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Saviour Schnapps Effects/Uses. Saves your game.?? How to Craft Saviour Schnapps. Wine Belladonna x2 Nettles x1. Place one handful of nettles into wine. Boil for two turns. Grind two handfuls of belladonna. Place ground belladonna into cauldron. Boil for one turn.

The developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance have currently disabled the Console Command that allows you to spawn items and gold now that the game has had its full release. It is possible, however, to add a mod to game that will add many new commands, including a working item spawn command. You can check out our guide on installing and using the mod here, or scroll down below to jump to a specific guide on the item spawning command.

Using the “Cheat” Mod

Before we take a look at spawning items, we’ll need to download and install the mod in order to unlock the command. If you’re a modding pro, you probably already know how to do this. If not, no problem! Take a look at our installation guide for this particular game mod. Vanavil tamil font keyboard.


Once you’ve set up the mod and booted up your game, open the ingame console using the (~) key. The command we’re going to use to spawn any item into our very own game is cheat_add_item. Here’s a rundown of the usage and arguments.


cheat_add_item <Amount> <Health> <Item ID>

Description: Spawns the selected item(s) into your inventory with the specified amount and conidition


  • <Amount> – the amount of the item you want. By default the amount is set to 1, so if only want 1 item you can skip this argument.
  • <Health> – the condition or ‘health’ of the item(s) you’re going to spawn. By default the amount is set to 100 (the maximum), so this argument may also be skipped unless you wish to spawn an item of worse condition.
  • <Item ID> – use the list above to locate the item you want, and then copy and paste the ID into the command.

Example Usage

Still unsure? Let’s take a look at a few examples. For the most part, you probably won’t be using the <Amount> or <Health> arguments. So, for example, if you wanted to spawn Herod’s Sword you would use the following command:

cheat_add_item 21afc054-37d2-4cce-928e-c7d0d2e295c5

However if for some reason you wanted to spawn 20 Warhammers with a condition or ‘health’ of 75, you would use the following command:

cheat_add_item 20 75 24a7c868-f23f-4799-8e64-331435a77404

How to Edit The Game files to Remove The Need of Saviour Schnapps to Save

This guide will show you how to edit the game files to remove the need of Saviour Schnapps to save.

What To Do

Saviour Schnapps Item Id

If you have any issues during these steps you can look at the pictures for some clarification.

1. Go into your SteamLibrary (this is usually located at C:SteamLibrarysteamappscommon)

2. Navigate to your Kingdom Come installation folder (named KingdomComeDeliverance) and open up the “Data” folder.

3. Take a copy of the “GameData.pak” file in case you make a mistake.

Now for the actual editing you will need a program to open archives with.

4. To open it with 7-ZIP you right-click the “GameData.pak” and select “7-ZIP” > “Open Archive”.

5. Navigate to “LibsUIUIActions” and open up the file called “MM_SaveGame.xml” with any text editor.

6. Scroll down to line 67 where you will see the following: <Inputs SaveType=”2″ OverwriteSaveId=”-1″ UsePotion=”1″ />

7. Change the UsePotion=”1″ to UsePotion=”0″ (simply change the 1 to a 0)

Saviour Schnapps Recipe

8. Repeat what you just did on step 7 on line 70.

9. Save the file and close it. 7-ZIP will ask if you want to save your changes made to the archive, click “Yes”.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands Saviour Schnapps -

10. Close the archive and start the game.

Kingdom come deliverance console commands saviour schnapps without

If anything went wrong simply replace the file with the copied backup, or try verifying the integrity of your game cache in Steam.

You can now use the “Save Game” button in the ESC menu to save without using any potions. Do not drink the potion directly as it will probably be consumed, but of course still save.

Congratulations! You can now save without using the Saviour Schnapps!

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands Saviour Schnapps Without

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands

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