Kingdom Come Item IDs. Not sure if this is what the website is going for but maybe listing all of the possible console commands for tweaking graphics, and after. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has its own console you can use and abuse to change a variety of settings and features — but the game is light on actual cheats. Still, these console commands are a.

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  • Console Cheat Commands

Commands for this game are pretty basic, and act a lot like Skyrim console commands, so you should not have a problem learning them. To use the console, press ~, then input the code and press Enter.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console commands. To update or modify game settings. ClshowHUD: This command can help you to enable and disable the HUD.To use the command use value clshowHUD 0 for. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the code for cheatadditem is: cheatadditem id, amount: optional number, health: optional number Copy Code.

cl_fov X - Sets the field of view to X (default is 60).
e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X - Changes the distance at which grass is animated (default is 20).
e_TimeOfDay - Shows the current time.
e_ViewDistRatio X - Changes the distance at which objects start to render (default is 500).
e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X - Changes the distance at which trees start to render (default is 500).
g_showHUD 0 - Disables HUD.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Item IDs & Item Spawning Guide ..

g_showHUD 1 - Enables HUD.
p_gravity_z X - Changes the intensity of gravity (default is 13).
r_Motionblur 0 - Disables motion blur.
r_depthofFieldmode 0 - Disables Depth of field durring dialogue.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands Idr_vsync 0 - Disables Vsync.
wh_cheat_addItem [X Y] - Gives X amount of item with the Y ID.
wh_cheat_money X - Gives a certain amount of money. Confirmed not to work after release, but work at alpha and beta.
wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 - Adds a reticule when aiming a bow.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands Bow

Wh_ui_showCompass [0]

Note: The last one is pretty useless without a table of item IDs, but if it's working, the table will be discovered in no time.

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