Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Ancient Map Guide; Kingdom Come: Deliverance PS4 Cheats; Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats; Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Belladonna Farm Location; World of Warcraft Classic - Just Failed Quel'Serrar Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Kellid Paraphanalia. Jul 01, 2019 Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheats. Back when Kingdom Come Deliverance was in its alpha stage, there were a great deal more console commands in the game than there are listed below, but a lot of them.

You can’t have an open-world, PC-centric hardcore RPG without console commands. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has its own console you can use and abuse to change a variety of settings and features — but the game is light on actual cheats. Still, these console commands are a pretty great way to gain even more control over your experience. You’ll be able to disable the HUD and take awesome screenshots, add a crosshair to make those archery challenges much easier, or even add items to your inventory.

While the game is out now, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an evolving platform, and fans are eagerly uncovering all the secrets they can — including more console commands. We’ll be updating the full list of console commands below as more are discovered, unveiled, and tested. You’ll also find a list of untested, or currently unavailable commands that should work, and may work in the future, but don’t currently for whatever reason. Here’s hoping for the future.

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How To Use Console Commands

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new console commands as they’re discovered and tested. Drop us a note if you’ve found a console command, or one of the console commands below isn’t working.]

The console is a powerful tool you can use to change settings and features on-the-fly while playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Using it is incredibly easy, and doesn’t require any setup.

  • To bring down the console window, press the [`] tilde key in-game.

Type your command into the console, then press enter. Commands usually have a # numerical value — replace # with a number to change the setting. For settings that can be toggled on or off, use 0 for off, and 1 for on.

Also, it’s worth noting that console commands DO NOT disable Steam Achievements.


Console Commands List

[NOTE: Some of these console commands are untested, and may cause unexpected issues when used. Be prepared to load a previous save file if something goes wrong.]

  • g_showHUD 0

Disables HUD. Replace [0] with [1] to enable HUD.

  • wh_pl_showfirecursor 1

Adds a crosshair when firing a bow. Replace [0] with [1] to disable crosshairs.

  • cl_fov ##

Sets the FoV (Field of View). [Default: 60]

  • r_MotionBlur 0

Disables motion blur. Replace [0] with [1] to enable motion blur.

  • r_depthofFieldmode 0

Disables depth of field during dialogue. Replace [0] with [1] to enable depth of field.

  • r_vsync 0

Disables vysnc. Replace [0] with [1] to enable vsync.

  • wh_ui_showCompass 0

Disables the HUD compass. Replace [0] with [1] to enable the compass.

  • e_ViewDistRatio ###

Changes objects render distance. [Default: 500]

  • e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X

Changes vegetation render distance. [Default: 500]

  • e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X

Changes grass animation distance. [Default: 20]

Untested, Unconfirmed, & Not-Working Console Commands

The following console commands are available to search and use in-game, but for whatever reason they don’t seem to be working currently. There might be a way to re-enable them, or they might even work with a future patch. It’s worth keeping these codes in mind.

  • wh_cheat_money #

Would add gold to your inventory. Currently not working.

  • wh_cheat_addItem # ItemID

Gives a # amount of items after entering the ItemID. Should work, but no ItemID table currently exists.

  • g_godmode 1

Would make you invulnerable. Currently not working.

  • e_TimeOfDay

Would show the time of day. Currently not working.

  • p_gravity_z #

Should change the intensity of gravity in-game. Currently doesn’t seem to do anything. [Default: 13]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheat Codes:

PC Console Commands - The Official Kingdom Come: Deliverance ..

During the game, press the “~” (tilde) key to bring up the console window. Enter the following cheat codes (1 – enable, 0 – disable):

wh_ui_showCompass 1/0 – add / remove compass
wh_ui_showHealthbar 1/0 – add / remove health bar
wh_dlg_chatbubbles 1/0 – add / remove replicas of characters
g_showHUD 1/0 – enable / disable “HUD” (interface)
r_motionblur 1/0 – enable / disable (default – 2)
cl_fov [n] – change the viewing angle (FOV) (default – 60)
Save (save file name) – save
Load (load file name) – load save
e_ViewDistRatioVegetation [number] – change the level of detail of trees and grass at a distance (500 by default)
e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist [number] – changes the animation of the grass at a distance (default is 20)
e_ViewDistRatio [number] – change the level of detail of objects at a distance (500 by default)
wh_pl_showfirecursor 1/0 – add / remove onion fly
r_vsync 1/0 – enable / disable vertical synchronization in the game
sys_MaxFPS = [number] – fix the FPS (frame rate) in the game at the specified number
e_TimeOfDay – display game time
p_gravity_z [number] – change the force of gravity (default is -13)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Cheat Codes - Video Results

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta Cheat Codes:
wh_cheat_money [number] – add gold coins
wh_cheat_addItem [ID] [number] – add the specified quantity of the specified item

Examples of item IDs:
Bastardsword – Bastard Sword
Green Hood – Green Hood
Coif – Cap
Red hat – red hat
Red Long Sleeve Tunic – red tunic with long sleeves
Brown Hood – Brown Hood
Leather Shoes – leather shoes
Short Breeches – Short Breeches
Clean Short Breeches – Clean Short Breeches
long linen shirt – long linen shirt
Footwraps with leather – leather wraps Fm genie scout for mac.

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