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  • In Adobe Premiere Pro, choose File Adobe Dynamic Link Import After Effects Composition. Choose an After Effects project file (.aep), and then choose one or more compositions. In Adobe Premiere Pro, choose an After Effects.
  • Encore CS6 was not updated as part of the new CC suite of products. As a result, Adobe Premiere Pro CC does not use dynamic link to communicate with Encore CS6. Encore CS6 is still available for download and installation, even after you upgrade to the new CC suite of products. Instructions of.
  • Most major publishers use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to proof-read their books. Download this free eReader to experience your books in the most optimum format across PC, MAC, tablets or mobile.

Working with other Adobe applications. After Effects and Photoshop; Dynamic Link; Audition; Prelude; Organizing and Managing Assets. Working in the Project panel; Organize assets in the Project panel. Download our free Premiere plug-in for WebM, the open movie format created by Google.WebM is the HTML-5 standard video format that relies exclusively on open source and patent-free technology.

October 12, 2020

The new, more connected After Effects 2020 can make the impossible possible. Get powerful new features like a Live 3D Pipeline that brings CINEMA 4D scenes in as layers – without intermediate rendering. Share work directly from within the application and get access to new features the moment they’re released. Your entire creative world, together in one place. After Effects 2020 is part of Creative Cloud. That means you have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they’re available.

Features :

  • There’s nothing you can’t create with After Effects.
    Animators, designers, and compositors use After Effects to create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and the web.
  • Roll credits. Spin words. Twirl titles.
    Create animated titles, credits, and lower thirds. Start from scratch or with one of the animations presets available right inside the app. From spin to swipe to slide — there are countless ways to make your text move with After Effects.
  • Explosive effects. Mind-blowing results.
    Combine videos and images to send a UFO across the sky or create an explosion — the possibilities are endless. Remove objects like booms, wires, or even people. Apply hundreds of effects to do anything from adding fog to making it snow. And create VR videos to drop your audience right into the center of the action.
  • Get animated.
    Set anything in motion—from logos to shapes to cartoons—with keyframes or expressions. Or use presets to kick-off your designs and get unique results.
  • Plays well with others.
    After Effects works seamlessly with other Adobe apps. Create comps and immediately see how they look in Premiere Pro with Adobe Dynamic Link. Import work from Photoshop, Illustrator, Character Animator, Adobe XD, and Animate. Use Team Projects to collaborate with editors no matter where they’re located. And After Effects is integrated with 300+ software and hardware partners.
  • Remove objects from video clips fast and easy
    Want an object or person gone from your footage? With Content-Aware Fill, remove unwanted items quickly — no need to mask or cut out frame by frame.
  • Supercharge your animation flow
    A JavaScript expression engine delivers up to a 6x boost in performance. And a new Expressions Editor makes writing easier and faster, including automatically identifying errors in your code.
  • Get depth passes from native 3D elements
    Apply depth effects such as Depth of Field, Fog 3D, and Depth Matte so elements look natural — or use depth data to simulate 3D looks.

How To Install?

  • Install the program from the given setup. (Open “Extra” folder for installer)
  • Start your free 7 days trial of the application.
  • Close the application completely.
  • Run the Adobe Zii application from within finder window. That should open up the patcher window.
  • It should ask you for root access when you run the patch. Allow it.
  • Boom! Now you can use the program without any interruptions.
  • That’s it, Enjoy now 😉

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Adobe After Effects 2020 v17.1.4 Pre-Cracked (macOS) Magnet

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In Lightroom 5 I really like the Perspective Correction tool which always produces white Out-of-Canvas areas as a result of image deformation.As a 'constain crop' very often would cut out a lot of interesting details, I love to Crop the image a bit wider.The problem are the white areas remaining that were not present in the original, undistorted image.I would love to fill them in with the Clone Tool, but it does not seem to work on those areas!
To make a complicated story simple just look at this image:My aim here is to fill in the bottom left white by simply cloning the missing part of the column.This is a super-easy job which I could do with Lightroom clone tool in seconds. Shall I report it as a BUG? (if so, how?)

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I need to put a title into a book which is not 'face on'. With the freehand selection tool I´ve found out that after using 'pick' and pressing Ctrl I can play around with the text. However, I want to be able to use a parallelogram shape but haven´t got a clue how to arrive at it.

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Oct 16, 2013

I have an RX100 and am an avid Paint Shop Pro X5 fan. However, I have had no real success in shooting in RAW format. The reason is because of the awful barrel distortion on the RX100, so that it can achieve its level of compactness.
I want to be able to take RAW pictures, use the RAW lab for white balance, highlight recovery,etc, while dealing with the barrel distortion in an easy manner.
PSPx5 supports the .ARW format, and that I don't have to convert to DNG, I don't know what to do about the barrel distortion. It is possible I suppose to perform a barrel distortion correction individually on every single photo I take, but this seems overly labor intensive.
A script to automagically do this on all images is probably possible..HOWEVER, the distortion depends on the amount of zoom applied, from around 3.9% wide-angle to about 0.5% at the long end. So a batchfile process isn't really appropriate.
Sony has an Image Data Converter. But, when I tried to use it, it did not save any of the barrel distortion corrections back to RAW! Otherwise I could use it as a batch converter, then use PSPx5 like normal.

Paint Shop Pro :: How To Change Perspective Of Wording

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how to change the perspective of wording on PSPX2
I can easily do it on an image, as it comes up in the tool options toolbar, but the wording toolbar is the alignment one.

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how create this colorfull sticks? Can it be done much simpler in Inkscape or PaintShop Pro?

Paint Shop Pro :: How To Do Geometric Distortion Without Applying Perspective

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How do i do a geometric distortion without applying perspective? so in the example below. if i want it to look more like the second image (which i did badly with warp mesh,) rather than the top image. that is to say i want to be able to pull the corners like i did with the pick tool for the top image but not have it apply the perspective, which in this case bunches it up to the left. just to keep it in the plane as with the bottom image.

Paint Shop Pro :: How To Group Text And Rectangle

Jun 13, 2012

I made a red rectangle and then positioned white text over it. I'd like to repeat that a dozen or so times in the image, just changing the text.
I assume I need to 'group' the text and rectangle so that I can move them together (I don't want to have to repeat the tricky positioning every time). And then just edit the text - but so far it's eluded me!
I'm using PSP8 but hopefully the approach is similar in later versions.
Even better, any script I could download that would make this sort of 'boxed label' simpler?

Paint Shop Pro :: How To Do Rounded Rectangle With Shadow Drop Effect

Dec 10, 2011

Attached there is a picture made through PhotoScape where big outline rectangle is rounded. I am trying to do similar one through PSP. Drawing I found some difficulties:
a) How to create a rounded rectangle? I tried to use “rectangle tool” but I couldn’t find adjust to make it “rounded”.
b) Considering the possibility to create a “rounded rectangle” and applying “shadow drop” on it, will the shadow appear “rounded” as well? Or is there something to do?
c) In some tests I made applying “shadow drop” on a normal rectangle (as a new layer) the only adjust I could make after that was on “shadow size” (dragging the mouse). I couldn’t find a way to access effect properties to readjust attributes as “opacity” or “blur”. How to come back to “shadow drop” configuration panel (attached) to readjust settings as opacity or blur?

Paint Shop Pro :: Removing Spots On Picture?

Oct 12, 2012

I took some pictures outside recently and when I looked at them later realized there were sun spots on them. I have Coral Paint Shop Pro x2 and how to remove this sun spots so I can salvage the pictures. Some of the spots are yellowish color and some are white. They are all on peoples legs so I have not been able to find a way to remove them. I have tried the cloning but it looks funny. I have also tried creating a new layer and removing the color yellow from the picture but that doesnt seem to work either.

Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Removing Created Tray

Apr 8, 2012

I'm using PSP Pro 4X. I created a tray, but now I can't remove it. I click on the Tray Tool Bar, but the function for deleting the tray is not highlighted so I can't delete the tray.

Paint Shop Pro :: X3 - Removing Netting From Pics

Sep 26, 2011

New to PSP X3 -took a number of pixs of the kids on the trampoline which has an enclosed netting and of course i was outside - the neeting is bery fine - is there a way to edit it out

Lightroom :: Vertical Perspective Correction In 4.2?

Oct 8, 2012

I recently purchased LR 4.2. I already have PSE 7 and have used it for several years. I have been trying to straighten verticals in photos of tall buildings, old courthouses, etc. where I had to point the camera up to capture the image I wanted (capture the highest spire and the base of the building and a little of the surrounding area). Photos taken like this end up 'leaning' backwards quite a bit and, if shot from an angle especially, some of the verticals are seriously disorted (not just perspective). I usually line up on one vertical side when taking the picture; this results in the vertical on the other side being stretched outwards at the bottom compared to
PSE has a filter that allows you to correct camera distortion including vertical perspective that works pretty well. PSE also has some distortion functions that allow you to stretch, skew, or free distort an image. I use skew to take the side of the picture where the bottom is wider than the top (sloping from top to bottom, left to right sort of like a slash '/' character). I select the bottom, left corner and pull it in until the vertical looks about right.
So now that I have LR, I wanted to see how its distortion correction worked compared to PSE.
I took one of these photos like this and adjusted it in LR. The first thing I noticed is that LR does not have any skew capabilities. It can't correct for more than relatively simple vertical and horizontal distortion. That's disappointing because I don't really want to export my file as TIFF, import it into PSE, then convert it to 8 bits (my version of PSE won't do camera distortion or stretch/skew adjustment on 16-bit images), adjust it, then export it back out to my TIFF file, then import that file back into LR.
The other oddity I've noticed is that the vertical perspective correction in LR tends to stretch things vertically when large amounts of vertical perspective correction are applied. What happens then is that an old style courthouse which has a a smaller dome on the top, the smaller dome gets stretched vertically and becomes more 'skinny' - taller and thinner. So the vertical distortion correction, in large amounts, just introduces more vertical distortion by vertically stretching the image. PSE, on the othe rhand, corrects the vertical distortion but does not change the proportions of the subject significantly - no vertical stretching.
1) why does LR offer perspective and horizonal corrections but not distortion controls like skew?
2) why does LR vertically stretch my subject when I use a lot of vertical distortion adjustment when PSE does not, and what (if anything) can I do about it?

Paint Shop Pro :: Removing Content From Vector Shape?

Dec 28, 2011

I am tracing a simple raster shape in a new vector layer and I want to know how I can remove a portion of the content from the center. Picture a shape like a letter 'o' where there is shape data comprising the perimeter ring, and no shape data in the center. I trace the perimeter of the the shape making a solid eliptical-type shape, but I need to then remove a portion of the center of the shape so that only the ring of the O has vector data. How can I do this?

Paint Shop Pro :: Removing The Empty Space In Text

Oct 10, 2012

I have been using PSP9 for many years now. However, after trying out PSP X5 I liked some of the new features, so I decided to upgrade. Now I'm starting to regret it.. For some reason, the new version creates this little 'empty space' at the end of text which I cant figure out how to get rid of! I attached a screenshot to show you what I mean. Is there any way to remove this?

Paint Shop Pro :: Removing Background (picture With Similar Color)?

Dec 8, 2011

Reference tutorial=> Remove Photo Backgrounds with the Background Eraser {URL]
a) I follow the tutorial above to remove backgrounds. However, the background has similar color than picture (in this case 'white' - picture attached - FIG_2). So, when I use 'background eraser' tool, it erase part of my picture as well. So, how to handle it properly?
b) The tutorial was usefull to other image that has different backgound color (FIG_3 attached). But using other software (Gimp) I could just take the transparency index (color=> color to alfa) with 'one click' without the request of erase background manually. So, is there any similar way to do it easily in Paint Shop?

Paint Shop Pro :: Removing Windows Explorer Shell Extensions?

DownloadJan 4, 2013

How I can disable Corel PaintShop Pro X5's Windows Explorer shell extensions?

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Feb 5, 2012

How do I remove the background from an image? For example a photo of a pipe wrench where all I want is the wrench.

Photoshop :: CS6 / Perspective Correction With Arrange / Tile All Vertically?

Aug 25, 2013

With either Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC, opening an unadjusted image of a building and applying Image/Duplicate produces an exact duplicate of the image. If arranging the images using Window/Arrange/Tile All Vertically (or Window/Arrange/2-up Vetical) one of the images will present with a perspective correction. Whichever image that was selected when Arrange was applied receives the perspective correction.

AutoCAD 2013 :: Stretching Skewing Perspective Correction Of Pictures?

Dec 24, 2013

There is a script here but it is not finished and I don't know if it ever will be.. Any tool that can do this in AutoCAD.

Illustrator :: How To Turn Off Perspective In Rectangle Grid Tool

Jan 26, 2014

How do you turn off 'perspective' in rectangle grid tool?

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Dec 19, 2011

I have copied some colour negatives using my digital camera. What is the best procedure for removing the orange base colour of the film prior to converting them to positives?

Paint.NET :: Resize Quad To Fit Shape And Perspective

Mar 15, 2013

I'm after a plugin similar to Evans effects but one that will allow me to fit a shape to an area on the image. I've tried Evan's quad plugin but you get a separate window so trying to fit the perspective is almost impossible and everytime I try I end up getting curves in the picture. What I want is to modify the perspective on the actual image and not have to deal with the image producing curves. As an example here's what I'm after (it was done for me in photoshop by a friend for a cabinet I'm working on), which I presume has an effect to do this easily:

Paint Shop Pro :: Exporting Frames From Animation Shop

Dec 24, 2011

Just came upon an error I had not seen before. Though PSP no longer supports Animation Shop, up until PSP X4, the user has been able to export frames back to PSP from Animation Shop. Now, this no longer works! There's still some communication there, because an error message - which, incidentally, makes absolutely no sense at all - is generated in PSP X4:

Paint.NET :: How To Rotate A Rectangle

Oct 12, 2012

when making a basic black rectangle on a white background, how do you rotate that rectangle?

Paint Shop Pro :: Will Animation Shop Run On Windows 7 Next To X4?

Oct 28, 2011

Instalar Adobe Reader

I installed PSP X4 today on a new PC with Windows 7 and noticed that it has no Animation Shop. Can I install Animation Shop to this machine? Will it work without PSP 9 or does it need certain dlls from PSP 9 ? I really want to be able to use Animation Shop again.

Paint.NET :: Distort Rectangle Into Circle?

Feb 13, 2011

I was wondering, is there a way to take a rectangular object and constrain it to a circle?
Two restrictions:
No using Shape3D
No using the circle selector. I'm not asking about cropping an image. I want to distort it so that it is a circle.

Paint.NET :: How To Make Image Into A Rectangle

Oct 17, 2013

I have a picture of a gravestone on the wall of a church. Because of access I had to take the picture from below so that the resulting image is a regular trapezoid, being longer at the base than at the top.
Gamehackkill.exe. How can I make the image into a rectangle? Effectively I need to expand the width of the image at the top whilst keeping that at the bottom the same, with everything between being expanded in the right ratio. I am not worried if the images of the brickwork around the stone are distorted - I can remove them.

Instalar Adobe Flash Player

Paint.NET :: Rectangle Selection - Specify Size

Sep 30, 2011

I have a need to repeatedly 'copy' an area of a certain size (say X by Y) from a number of images.
I can set the size, by eye, using the rectangular selection tool and then simply move that to each area on the image I wish to copy - no problem.
But I want to do the same size from a number of different images (and will be doing this over a number of different sessions/days etc.)

Paint.NET :: Curving Selected Region (Rectangle)?

Feb 2, 2011

I'm looking for a way to select a rectangular region, then pull it from one of the center bar points to create a rectangle with a curve.Why?
Our company has a nice graphic that it paid for, and I've got a high resolution version of it. I want to create a graphic of some of our products, and instead of having the boring looking 'stamp styled logo' at the top or bottom of my graphic, I'd like to add it in as a new layer, then bend it around the image.

Paint.NET :: Can't Move Selection (Text With Rectangle)

Feb 5, 2012

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I'm on the right layer, selected some text with the rectangle, clicked the move tool & tried to drag the selection (have the little hand showing so I'm in the right corner) but the box just expands the contents. (I tried both move tools, although I've no idea what the difference between them is.
I have used the move tool a little in the past, and it worked.

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