1. IMVU for Mac is built for Intel based OS X systems with 2GB of RAM or better. In your case, you are attempting to run it on an older PowerPC model. Since they don't support this architecture there is no way to get this app to run on your Mac. I'm sorry to have to tell you the above but this is a programming limitation rather than a specific issue.
  2. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for IMVUKSA Music Maker.

Unfortunately, the IMVU client does not yet run on Mac's. I also own a mac, and am waiting. They hope to make this available after the Beta testing period is done (in about 8-12 months). Check back to their HELP page for updates on system requirements.


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IMVU T5DE v2.1


Normal Price: 20$

T5DE is an improved version of the t4de program. It has a clean interface and similar to the original imvu, it is also compatible with users who use t4de.

Important: Only users who use t4de or T5DE will be able to see you and use the same furniture and actions together.

Update v2.1: The client has been updated to the current version of IMVU 539.4.

Video Preview

đź›  Features:

  • Use any AP/GA product without purchasing it
  • You are visible to t4de and T5DE users
  • Use imvu BM products without buying them
  • T4de codes are compatible with T5DE
  • Clean and safe interface

đź›  CaracterĂ­sticas:

  • Usa cualquier producto AP/GA sin necesidad de comprarlo
  • Eres visible para los usuarios t4de y T5DE
  • Usa productos BM de imvu sin comprarlos
  • CĂłdigos de t4de son compatibles con T5DE
  • Interfaz limpia y segura

#Free Codes / CĂłdigos Gratis T5DE:


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Imvu desktop for mac

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Imvu Mac Beta

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