M1 Apple Silicon Macs when it comes to gaming. With many games jumping in game performance from barely playable on Intel Macs to buttery smooth 60 FPS on Apple Silicon. The following is the most comprehensive list for gaming benchmarks. Our game engine converts and matches game settings using our mouse sensitivity converter and Field of View matching to ensure everything feels just like it does in-game. Aiming.Pro offers complete control over weapon fire rate, model sizes and much more to ensure your aim training experience is exactly the same as in your favorite first-person.

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2020-12-31 MoltenVK 1.1.1 brings Vulkan support to Apple Silicon Macs via @__tosh
2020-12-30 10 Best FPS Games on M1 Apple Silicon Mac via @Andytizer

The M1 will debut in three new Apple products: the 13-inch MacBook Pro starting $1,299, the Macbook Air at $999, and the Mac Mini at $699. Nobody really buys an Apple device to game. Gaming isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Macs. With a long list of the best Mac games, though, maybe it should be.

2020-12-26 Parallels Advanced Gaming Setup Guide for M1 Apple Silicon and Windows 10 ARM via @Andytizer
2020-12-24 The Game 'Inside' is free today in the Epic Games Store via @__tosh

Fps Games For Mac M11

Fps Games For Mac M1 2020-12-22 Apple working on 2021 Apple TV with stronger focus in gaming via @markgurman
2020-12-22 Steam Winter Sale is on until January 5th 2021 via @Andytizer
2020-12-22 JoyMapperSilicon adds support for Nintendo Joy-Con and Nintendo Pro controllers to Apple Silicon Macs via @chenqibin99
2020-12-22 Experience Report: M1 MacBook Air vs Intel MacBook Pro 16' for gaming via @__tosh
2020-12-18 Great News for Game Compatibility: Fallout 2 runs well via Parallels on Windows for ARM via @Andytizer
2020-12-16 StepMania 5.3 is one of the first native games for Apple Silicon Macs with full support for controllers and pads via @TeamRizu
2020-12-14 Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.1 adding support for CS:GO and full screen support for iPad games via @__tosh
2020-12-09 Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to iOS in Spring 2021 via @__tosh
Games 2020-12-08 Google Stadia arrives in eight new European countries via @__tosh
2020-12-05 EVE Online: CCP Games developing a native macOS client via @PeterBlanc11
2020-12-02 Baldur's Gate III: Patch 3 released, adds support for Rosetta 2 via @MrMacRight
2020-12-02 Apple names Disco Elysium 'Mac Game of the Year 2020' via @__tosh

Fps Games For Mac M1a

2020-12-02 Mac version of Metro: Exodus in the works according to 4A Games via @Andytizer

Fps Games For Mac M1 Garand

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