Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer with 4K ULTRA HD Blu-Ray Playback and M-Disc™ Support

  • Up to 16x² maximum write speed on BD-R media
  • 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback
  • Long-term data protection with M-DISC™
  • Scroll down to the FAQ section for compatibility information
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  2. CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor, free and safe download. CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor latest version: Discover if your PC supports Blu-Ray and 3D video.

CyberLink Blu-ray Disc & 3D Advisor is an utility that enables you to run an analysis of your computer and determine whether it is capable of playing Blu-ray Discs and Blu-ray 3D content.


The BDR-212UBK is an internal SATA Blu-ray, DVD, and CD writer that supports the BDXL and M-DISC format. The drive supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback using included CyberLink software. The drive can read and write to all BDXL discs1 including BD-R triple-layer 100GB media, BD-R quad-layer 128GB media, and BD-RE triple layer 100GB media, as well as conventional Blu-ray discs (single-layer 25GB media and dual-layer 50GB media). With BDXL and M-DISC support, you can now back up your files with fewer discs than ever before.

The BDR-212UBK includes CyberLink Software, “CyberLink Media Suite 10” only for Windows OS. PowerDVD™14 delivers award winning playback software and will even upscale standard-definition content to high-definition quality. PowerDirector® 15 LE allows you to import your home movies, edit them, and then upload them to social media sites. Power2Go® 8 gives you the ability to burn your valuable files to Blu-ray (including triple and quad layer BDXL discs), DVD or CD media.

The BDR-212UBK has unique features such as “Easy Setting” function using Pioneer BDR-212UBK Drive Utility. Easy Setting can provide comfortable usability according to purposes. Also, with improved drive software, BDR-212UBK has a prolonged life about twice of conventional models.

Support 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback

Support 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback using included CyberLink software.

Long-term data protection with M-DISC™ Support

Support reading and writing M-DISC™(DVD, BD: SL25GB/DL50GB/TL100GB) introduced by Millenniata, Inc.

Longer product life with improved drive software

To reduce deterioration of reading performance of disc due to dust and cigarette smoke with high dustproof performance and improved drive software. With this, 212UBK has a prolonged life about twice of conventional models. Pmd file opener for pc.

“Easy Setting” function with Drive Utility

Equipped with “Easy Setting” function providing comfortable usability according to purposes.

  • “Entertainment Mode” is suitable for enjoying movies and music. It enhances quietness and makes the tray open quietly when playing back BD/DVD or music CDs.
  • “High-performance Mode” , which emphasizes reading and writing speed
  • “Quality Mode” , which emphasizes reading and writing quality
  • “Eco Mode”, which reduces maximum power consumption
*Drive Utility is needed to configure above functions. Download from below URL.

Store more data

Up to 156% more data storage capacity than a 50GB Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc. The BDXL™ format supports BDXL Blu-ray media (including 128GB Quadruple Layer (QL)¹ and 100GB Triple Layer (TL)¹ Blu-ray Disc™).

Faster burning

Up to 16x2 writing on BD-R single-layer discs, 14x on BD-R DL discs, and 8x writing on BD-R triple-layer discs.

Get to your files faster

With QuickPlay, the amount of time between inserting a ROM disc, and that disc being ready, has been reduced. For movies on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, the disc is ready faster when compared to previous Pioneer drives.

Smooth movie playback

Scratches, fingerprints and other abnormalities on the surface of a disc can sometimes cause Blu-ray and DVD movie playback to stop. When a PowerRead enabled drive is not able to read through obstructed areas of a disc, it will attempt to move forward quickly to the next available data point, resulting in smoother Blu-ray and DVD movie playback3.

A smarter drive

Pioneer drives with Auto Quiet mode, monitor how they are being used and adjust their speed automatically – high speed for data transfer, and low speed for music or movie playback.

A better music experience

Scratches and fingerprints on your CDs can cause them to skip. A drive normally makes a calculated guess at the unreadable data and attempts to correct this to match the original music. However, this is not 100% accurate. PureRead3+, when enabled, makes the drive reread the obscured data to extract the original music as accurately as possible4.

Wide blank media support

Pioneer strives to have best-in-class performance over a wide range of media – our drives achieve this for a large variety of BD and DVD media. Refer to the drive’s media support list for all supported media and the write speed that can be achieved.

Peak Power Reducer

This power saving mode enables the drive to suppress power consumption at peak operation. It keeps stable operation in case of drop in power supply.


  • Computer drive - BDR-212UBK
  • Software disc – CyberLink Media Suite 10 for Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • Owners’ manual
  • Warranty document

PowerDVD™ 14 UHD-BD

PowerDVD is the market-leading media player for Blu-ray & Ultra HD Blu-ray. Watch high definition movies. Enjoy better picture and audio quality than streaming.


Burn all media to any disc, includes system recovery tools. BDXL™ format supports 128GB Quadruple Layer and 100GB Triple Layer Blu-ray discs.

PowerDirector15 LE

Make movies with fast, powerful video editing tools. Edit your high definition movies and upload them to social media websites with the included software.

Instant Burn5

Burn content to disc instantly with packet writing technology

Label Print2.5

Design and print stylish disc labels in just 4 easy steps

PhotoDirector8 LE

Complete editing and adjustment tools to bring your photos to life.

Cyberlink Bd & 3d Advisor For Mac Os

ColorDirector5 LE

ColorDirector is a way for video color editors of all skill levels to dramatically improve their projects.

AudioDirector7 LE

AudioDirector contains cutting-edge tools that make editing and fixing audio tracks fast and simple when editing audio for video projects.

Minimum System Requirements - 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 processor for Desktop PC (Kaby Lake-S), 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 processor for Notebook PC (Kaby Lake-H) *U processor is incompatible
  • Intel® HD Graphics 630 (Internal GPU for 7th generation processor)
  • HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 compatible, 4K display (3840 x 2160 minimum display resolution), HDR compatible (Incompatible display reproduces HDR contents with HDR>SDR format.)
  • Intel® SGX(Software Guard Extensions) support Intel® 200 series motherboard, HDCP 2.2/HDMI 2.0a output compatible, Intel® internal GPU output compatible
Minimum System Requirements - write/read BD/DVD/CD

Cyberlink Bd & 3d Advisor Mac

  • Windows7™, Windows8™, Windows8.1™, Windows10™
  • Intel® Core™ Duo T2700/Core™2Duo E6300, AMD® Athlon 64 X2 3800 or faster
  • Intel G45, NVIDIA® GeForce® 7600GT, ATI Radeon® X1600 or faster
  • HDCP compliant display required for Blu-ray playback, 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution
  • 1GB required for Blu-ray playback and editing HD video
Write Support
  • BD-R (Single/Dual/Triple/Quadruple layer), BD-RE (Single/Dual/Triple layer)
Read Support
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray (BD-ROM Dual/Triple layer), BD-ROM (Single/Dual layer), BD-R (Single/Dual/Triple/Quadruple layer), BD-RE (Single/Dual/Triple layer), M-DISC (Single/Dual/Triple layer)
  • DVD-ROM (Single/Dual layer), DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, M-DISC(DVD)
  • CD-ROM (Mode 1&2), CD-ROM XA, Photo CD(Single/Multi-session), Video CD, CD-DA, CD-Extra, CD-R, CD-RW
Maximum Write Speed (BD)
  • 14x
  • 6x
  • 2x
  • 2x
  • 8x
Maximum Write Speed (DVD)
  • 8x
  • 16x
  • 8x
  • 4x
Maximum Read Speed (BD)
  • 8x
  • 12x
  • 6x
  • 10x
  • 4x
  • 8x
Maximum Read Speed (DVD)
  • 12x
  • 12x
  • 16x
  • 12x
  • 16x

Cyberlink Bd And 3d Advisor Software Download

Other Specifications
  • Horizontal or Vertical

What Is Cyberlink Bd Advisor

  • 148 mm x 42.3 mm x 180 mm (W x H x D)

Cyberlink Bd 3d Advisor For Mac

Supported media list can be found at Pioneer official website.
1Triple and quadruple layer BDXL discs can only be used in BDXL drives.
216x BD-R write speed achieved using certain media. Refer to the “Supported media list”.
3PowerRead is not guaranteed to work with all disc conditions or under all PC environments.
4PureRead3+ is not guaranteed to work with all disc conditions or under all PC environments.
5HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) display device is required only for playback of high-definition copy protected content (for example, a Hollywood Blu-ray title). For such content, the connection between the PC and the display device must be made using a digital DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort cable.
6Support for writing DVD-R Version 2.0 For General. Unable to write DVD-R for Authoring 3.95GB and 4.7GB 7 Compatible with DVD-RAM Version 2.0/2.1/2.2 without cartridge. Unable to write RAM2 format disc.
8 Unable to use 8cm disc when you use the drive vertically. (Unable to use 8cm disc adapter.)
Note: Easy Setting, Auto Quiet mode, PureRead3+ and Peak Power Reducer can be configured as well as enabled and disabled with the Pioneer BDR-212UBK Drive Utility. The utility will be provided on the Pioneer Web site
Pioneer and the Pioneer logo are registered trademarks of Pioneer Corporation.
M-DISC is a trademark of Millenniata, Inc
Intel and Core are trademarks Intel Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
AMD and Radeon are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
BLU-RAY DISC, the Blu-ray Disc logo and the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc logo are trademarks of the Blu-ray Disc Association.
CyberLink, CyberLink PowerDVD, CyberLink Power2Go, CyberLink PowerDirector, CyberLink Instant Burn, CyberLink Label Print and CyberLink Photo Director are trademarks or registered trademarks of CyberL0ink Corporation. PowerRead is a registered trademark of Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc.
SERIAL ATA and its Design Mark are trademarks of Serial ATA International Organization.
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