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Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator in the market right now. However, we have seen a lot of people wondering whether the app is safe or not. Is Bluestacks safe? We are going to answer that question and more in this article.

Open the 'Settings' menu. It can be accessed using: (a) Hamburger menu (b) Gear Icon. In 'Settings', click on the Engine tab and locate the Performance section. Here, you can specify the number of CPU cores and the amount of RAM you would like to allocate to BlueStacks. Have been using the Core for. Couple of years now, controlled using the Naim App on my iPad. Been having unrelated iPad issues, and wondering if I can control, select songs, create playlists, etc, directly from a Windows based computer, a laptop to be specific. Search the data Bases, it appears possible with the streaming units, but there is no references to the Core. I am using the DAC -1 (as.

Today, we are going to take a close look at Bluestacks and its features. We are also going to talk about its safety, security, and performance concerns. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


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What Is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is an extremely popular Android emulator for Windows and Mac users. An Android emulator basically lets you run Android applications and games on your PC. It behaves like a normal Android smartphone and is very useful.


A lot of users use Bluestacks to play multiplayer Android games. The larger display and the controls of a computer are far better than a normal Android smartphone and it provides the players with an edge. You can also use it to auto collect coins in some games.

Is Bluestacks Safe?

A lot of Bluestacks users may have this question because some third-party antivirus software considers Bluestacks to be a virus. However, if you got your Bluestacks from the official website, then the alerts are false positives. In this section, we are going to take a look at the frequently asked safety and performance-related questions about Bluestacks. We have been using Bluestacks for quite a while now and here are our findings.

Does Bluestacks Contain Malware?

Even though some antiviruses flag Bluestacks, the truth is that the antivirus is being overly cautious. According to a lot of reputed antivirus software, Bluestacks is safe does not contain any malware. However, this is only applicable if the software was downloaded from the official Bluestacks website.

Even though Bluestacks does not contain any malware, you should always be careful while installing apps on the emulator. If you install an application that was downloaded from a shady website, then it’s not really Bluestacks’ fault.

Does Bluestacks Steal Your Google Account?

From what we have seen so far, Bluestacks does not steal your Google account. It asks you for an account during the setup because the Play Store needs at least one active account. This is the case on all Android smartphones.

If you are worried about a password leak, then you can always create a dummy Google account and sign in to Bluestacks with it.

Does Bluestacks Affect Performance?

Honestly, it depends on the computer that you are using. Bluestacks was designed to run on outdated hardware as well, but gaming on a PC with lower-tier hardware is out of the question.

Bluestacks has a list of minimum requirements:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or above / Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or above.
  • Processor: Any Intel or AMD Processor.
  • RAM: At least 2GB of RAM.
  • HDD: 5GB Free Storage Space.
  • You must have Administrator rights( Needed to install any app).
  • Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

The recommended requirements of Bluestacks are:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 / 10.15 (macOS Catalina)
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor with Single Thread PassMark score > 1000 and virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS.
  • Graphics: Intel/Nvidia/ATI, Onboard or Discrete controller with PassMark score >= 750.
  • RAM: 8GB or higher
  • Storage: SSD (or Fusion/Hybrid Drives)
  • Internet: Broadband connection to access games, accounts, and related content.
  • Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

Bluestacks Only Using One Core

If you have the recommended specifications, then the performance of your computer will not be affected all that much. Keep in mind that there will always be a decrease in the computer’s performance since you are running a virtual machine. However, the performance penalty goes away when you exit Bluestacks.

Does Bluestacks Mine Cryptocurrency?

How To Use Bluestacks App

There are a lot of shady programs that use the resources of your computers to mine cryptocurrency for their developers. Mining cryptocurrency severely decreases the performance of a computer and many users have connected this to the Bluestacks performance hit.

We have used Bluestacks on the lower end and higher-end PCs and we don’t think it’s mining cryptocurrency because that would have severely damaged the lower end rig. Other people have reported the same thing and nobody has ever found any evidence of crypto mining.

Is Bluestacks Rooted?

Unlike other Android emulators, Bluestacks is not rooted by default. However, you can root Bluestacks with the Bluestacks Tweaker. However, rooting has its own security risks and we recommend that you do it at your own discretion.

Is Bluestacks Legal?

A lot of game emulators are deemed illegal because they use pirated copies of the original games. iOS emulators do not exist because iOS is not open source. However, since Android is open-source, Bluestacks is legal. You won’t get into any major or minor legal issues as long as you download apps from the Play Store.

Final Take

So to answer the question: Is Bluestacks safe? Yes, as long as you download it from the official website and as long as your system meets the minimum requirements. We hope that you found this article helpful and informative. What are your thoughts on Bluestacks? Do you have any doubts or suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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