This is one of the most common problem faced by a lot of people. Clash Of Clans is one of the most played game in the entire world. People liked to play this game on big screen, so they play this game on their computer or laptop. This method requires Bluestacks, but sometime they have to face problems with this. Most of the Clash Of Clans fans are complaining that they are stuck on black screen while playing Clash Of Clans on their computer using Bluestacks. So here we are with the fix/solution to the problem Clash Of Clans Stuck on Black Screen in Bluestacks.

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In this post, I am going to show you how to install and play Clash of Clans for Windows PC by using BlueStacks.There is also a post in CoC Land about play this game on Mac, you can read more at: Clash of Clans on Mac OS X. Smartphone and Table are not enough for us to play Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans also known as CoC is a video game for android devices which was first developed by Supercell on 2 nd august, 2012 for iOS particularly. Later the same developers developed the game for android users in 2013 which is available on Google play store.

Well this problem with the black screen doesn’t always mean that it is suck on block screen. Lots of people are having different issues like screen keep on shivering while playing Clash of Clans, flashing screen problem, screen is not responding while playing Clash of Clans, the game stuck on black screen and other different other issues. So here we are with the best methods to resolve all these issues. So you don’t have to worry if your problem is something else, these methods shown below will definitely fix this issue.

Fix Clash Of Clans Stuck On Black Screen In Bluestacks

Below you will find several methods on how to fix Clash of Clans stuck on black screen problem in Bluestacks. All you have to do is to apply them one by one. All of the methods below are tested successfully in fixing this issue.

Method 1: Reboot and/or Re-install the Application

This method involves the most basic tricks which are very helpful and fix all the issues you are facing in Bluestacks. Initially, you have to reboot the Bluestacks. Check below on how to do this:

Bluestacks clash of clans hack
  • For Windows:
    • Go to the task bar and look for the Bluestacks icon.
    • Now right click on the icon and hit Restart.
  • For Mac :
    • Look for the Bluestacks icon on the top menu bar.
    • Click on it and hit Restart.

This will reboot the Bluestacks and the problem you are facing is most probably be fixed. If not try to re-install the Clash Of Clans again on the Bluestacks. Check below on How :

  • Clear Cache and data from the settings. Go to Settings → All → Select Clash of clans → Settings.
  • Go to All Apps in Bluestacks → Look for Clash of Clans → Uninstall.
  • All you have to do is to install Clash Of Clans again.
  • Now Re-install Clash of Clans. Use any of the method with apk or using Google Play Store in the search bar.

It’s done, now play and enjoy Clash of Clans without any stuck on black screen problem. But if the problem still persist then, try the below method.

Method 2: Re-Install the Bluestacks

This is also the basic method but genuinely telling one of the best method to resolve any issue with the Bluestacks. This is Reset the Bluestacks on your PC or Laptop.

  • Uninstall the Bluestacks from your Windows or Mac.
  • After Uninstalling, wait for a while and restart your computer. Remove any previous file of Bluestacks stored in your computer.
  • Now Re-install the Bluestacks in your Pc or Laptop. Re-install the Clash Of Clans in Bluestacks again and play the game.

This will definitely fix or resolve Clash of Clans stuck on black screen in Bluestacks while playing. But in case if this doesn’t work try the below method.

Method 3: Update your Graphic Card and Other Drivers

As you know, Bluestacks and Clash of Clans are both heavy software and requires high configuration of graphic card to run properly. This is one of the major important factor which you have to notice while playing Clash of Clans on pc via Bluestacks. So, sometimes due to outdated graphics card drivers, this problem of clash of clans stuck on black screen in Bluestacks. To update your drivers, click below on the respective graphic card driver.

Method 4: Change Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings

Nvidia graphics card software allows you to change some hardware settings that can also solve this problem.

  1. Open the context menu of Desktop and choose “NVIDIA Control Panel”.
  2. Go to Manage 3D Settings → Program Settings. Press on “Add” → select “BlueStacks frontend”.
  3. In “Specify the settings” window find the “Threaded optimization” and choose “Off” for it.
  4. Restart the BlueStacks.

Method 5: Update the System

This method involves updating your system. This happens mostly because you have stopped auto update off in your pc or laptop. This leads to outdated system drivers. So update your system drivers and components via PC Settings → Update and Security.

Maybe this will remove the issue. If not, then update your system configuration. This might be old or is not able to work with this heavy load. Else, Wait for the Bluestacks version update. The program release update which leads to fix such issue.

Are you looking of a Clash of clans mod apk? Are you not able to find it with so many websites and download not succeeded? Don’t worry, If you want Clash of clans game with unlimited resources then be relaxed, and keep reading.

Today, I am sharing a lastest Clash of Clans mod apk which is updated to Town Hall 12. It is the best and latest Clash of Clans working hack for Android. In this hack, there is unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems; everything is unlimited. You can enjoy playing the game very fast, and this is all for free. This Clash of Clans apk hacks works with every phone, even non-rooted phone. This is the best mod available till now.

Now, are you ready to download the Clash of Clans mod apk?. Let us begin.

Please read this post thoroughly as sometimes people do not read carefully, and it leads to problems using this Clash of Clans real hack on their device. So read full and follow steps given in this post.

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2Features & Specialities of COC MOD APK:
4How to Install Clash of Clans Hack APK:
5Frequently Asked Questions:

Clash Of Clans Hack Information

You already know how to play Clash of Clans like upgrading defenses, attacking players. If you do not see, I recommend you first to install Clash of Clans from play store, get a basic gist of how to play the game and then install this latest version of Clash of Clans hackfrom here.

You go to different blogs, youtube videos, etc. to download Clash of Clans mod hack and what you get is never-ending surveys, fake links, and even viruses. Now, this won’t happen with you again because you are in the right place. Forget all the worries, and enjoy downloading and playing the game without any tension. I share this Clash of Clans mod hack apk which can directly be downloaded from our website.

Features & Specialities of COC MOD APK:

Unlimited Gold: This Clash of Clans mod apk gives you unlimited gold. Now upgrade your buildings, increase your troops, and do more things with unlimited gold provided in this mod.

Unlimited Gems: With this Clash of clans gem hack, you get unlimited gems to build and create defenses, troops, and other things faster and unlimited. You now don’t need to worry about spending many weeks to upgrade these buildings anymore.

You can install BlueStacks Offline Installer for Windows 7 1GB RAM and no graphics card is required. With BlueStacks, you can install any Android app of your choice on your Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1 PC. BlueStacks has proved itself as one of the most powerful Android emulators for Windows PC. Here is an interesting topicHow To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ramwhich allows you to enjoy android apps on Low specs systems. Actually, Bluestacks is a software that it needs at least 2 GB RAM and a good graphics card to run Efficiently. It is quite simple to install Bluestacks with 1 GB RAM or without Graphic card. You just need to tweak some settings Bluestacks installer so that it can bypass the verification test of 2 GB RAM. It would then successfully be installed in your 1 GB RAM PC. Below is the  detailed step-by-step procedure install Bluestacks in your low specs system. Bluestacks 1 gb de ram.

Unlimited Elixir: You get unlimited elixir with this mod. You can now do various things with an unlimited elixir which is included with this Clash of clans mod apk.

Unlimited Dark Elixir: I know the pain to wait.collect.wait cycle of collecting dark elixir in the original Clash of Clans game. It is so frustrating that we need to wait for days to generate and collect dark elixir, which is very less in quantity. But with this apk, you get unlimited dark elixir for all your needs. It’s a pretty impressive feature.

Clash Of Clans Mod APK Exciting Abilities

  • You can start your clan and fight with existing players.
  • Hit other players in this newly discovered Versus mode
  • Now a powerful battle machine with divine powers
  • You get new troops to battle. These are Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, Cannon Cart, bomber, Boxer Giant and an all-new and latest Hero.
  • Get a hands on to a new builder base and get to discover characters and buildings.
  • You get to protect your village from enemies. You can use defenses such as walls, cannon, archers, and whatnot.
  • Get to fight against the mighty Goblin King in the campaign mode.
  • You can now plan unlimited battle strategies with a collection of the army with this hack.
  • Get exclusive entry to Friendly Wars, Friendly challenges, and special events.
  • Train troops with no limit on powers and upgrades. Truly Unlimited.

Download Clash of Clans Hack Latest Version

App NameCOC Hack
App Size116MB
Original Game BySupercell
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.4+
Root RequiredNo

How to Install Clash of Clans Hack APK:

  1. Download the Clash of Clans mod apk from the above link
  2. Before installing this game, please take a backup of the previous game and uninstall the old game.
  3. Before installing the game, go to Settings and Select Security settings, find ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ and enable it to avoid installation problems.
  4. Open the File Manager and locate the downloaded Clash of clans mod apk.
  5. Select this file and click on Install. The game will now be installed on your phone.
  6. After the game is installed, open it and whamm!!, you get into a whole new world of Clash of Clans with unlimited resources.

What’s New In Latest Clash of Clans Mod:

This game is updated frequently, and that is its best part of it. We will also inform you when this mod is updated, so you don’t need to worry about it. Let’s dive into the latest features of Clash of Clans mod apk:

  • The store is now upgraded to give you some new magic spells which can be used by you when you win multi wars
  • It is now easy to manage seven clans war. In the previous version of the game, there were few of them, but now it is upgraded so now you can battle with seven clans.
  • The 1v1 mode is still active but along with seven battle clans. After which you can battle on with the top winners of the game.
  • Although the mod has everything unlimited, you still need to win the warn to gain good rank. If you lose the war, you do not get the war perks, and the game server will reduce your rank. If you lose more matches than you win, it will more worsen the situation for you. Therefore, give your best to win most of the wars and build your fame in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Clash of Clans mod apk secure?

Yes, this mod apk is 100% secure and reliable. This mod is 100% tested and free from all viruses.

If I delete the game by mistake, will my progress be saved?

Yes, 100%. This game is server-based and based on your email id, and you will be able to retrieve all the lost progress. Just put your email id when reinstalling the game to gain back your progress.

Download Clash Of Clans On Pc

Can I play Clash of Clans mod apk on my computer?

Yes, you can. Just install software like Bluestacks on your system and install this apk in that software. Then, you will be able to play the game on your computer.

Bluestacks 1 Clash Of Clans Th9

Where can I download other Clash of Clans private servers?

All the Clash of Clans modded servers is available on our website. You don’t need to worry about it.

Final Thoughts!

Bluestacks Clash Of Clans Download

After following all the steps given in this post, you are now ready to enjoy the Clash of Clans modon your device. Do let us know how well you enjoyed playing this game. Cheers!!

Bluestacks Beta 1 Clash Of Clans

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