Downloading a torrent file and opening it into your torrent client is a simple process that is known by many internet users these days. You can download the torrent file or magnet URL and open it in your favourite torrent client, after which the torrent client will start searching for seeds and peers. Once these other internet users (who own a piece or the full file(s)) are found, the download of your files will automatically start. However, very often, the download speed of one, some or all of your torrent is very low. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is offering you a high download speed, but your torrents are still slow, than adding a list of open and working torrent trackers to the concerned torrent can greatly help increase torrent downloading speeds. A torrent tracker is a server that keeps track of the number of seeds/peers: if you add more trackers, the chances are likely that for your torrent you will have in total more people who can share a piece of the file(s) with you. In the end, if more people are willing to upload to you, your overall download speeds can go up quite significantly.

Best Torrent Clients 2019

The Best BitTorrent Clients for 2019 BitTorrent is a powerful protocol for downloading everything from perfectly legit content to the shadiest stuff on the web. The 5 Best BitTorrent Clients. There are literally hundreds of BitTorrent clients available today. These are the tried and true favorites that rise above the rest in terms of features and capabilities. Vuze is a free, ad supported torrent client with an interface that’s perfect for beginners.

Best Free Torrent Clients 2019

The most common problems people complain about in regards to download speeds are:

  • uTorrent downloads are slow
  • How to increase torrent download speeds
  • Trick to increase torrent speed
  • What is the best torrent client
  • How to download torrents faster
  • How to add a tracker to uTorrent
  • How to add trackers to qBittorrent
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  • Revive a dead torrent
  • Torrent tracker website

Best Torrent Clients 2019 Free

First of all, this list will work for virtually any torrent client who support that the end-user (you) can manually edit/add your own trackers. Some examples of popular torrent downloading clients include:

  • uTorrent
  • Vuze
  • Bittorrent
  • Deluge
  • qBittorrent
  • Transmission
  • BitComet
  • Tixatie
  • … and so many more

Best Torrent App Mac 2019

To add trackers to your torrent, it will depend on the torrent client you use if you want to know which steps you need to take. I will take the most popular torrent client, which is uTorrent.

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Right click on the torrent in the list and select Properties. In this new window, go to General and in the Trackers input box, you should paste the trackers below. Make sure that you have an empty line between the tracker URL’s.

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