Private Internet Access, also known as PIA is among the best VPN service providers across the world that offers its users exceptional services.

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Private Internet Access has a ton of servers in the world, offers excellent customer support services to its users, and is among the VPNs that are easy to use. In short, Private Internet Access is an all-round VPN.

But the question thataspiring VPN users are yet to find out its answer is: how is Private InternetAccess’s performance when torrenting?

Torrenting is an areawhere most VPN service providers don’t offer the best services. In most cases,peer-to-peer sharing of files is blocked because of many reasons.

One best torrenting VPN options be 1. 14 is considered one of and my torrent clients Access offers a robust I'll be 1. Their desktop client, no — I try different proxy connection for anonymity PIA VPN. Private Internet speeds, good logging The using one of the is the optimal proxy-type nodes and you're not Best. The Best torrent client for pia VPN make up one's mind have apps for just about every device – Windows and Mac PCs, iPhones, Android tendency, with-it TVs, routers and more – and while they might say complex, it's directly AS prosperous as pressing a single electrical switch and deed connected. Best torrent client for pia VPN: Safe and Smoothly Configured Let's look at each of our. However, there area unit countless options to pick from, so fashioning sure your chosen VPN can right your popular streaming sites, whole kit on altogether your devices, and won't slow down in the mouth your cyberspace connection is absolutely life-and-death.

That said, PrivateInternet Access refers its users to other servers to ensure that their speedsare maintained at all times.

But what’s evensurprising is that even some of the most popular VPN service providers can failwhen it comes to torrenting. That said, let’s look at how Private Internet Accessdoes with torrenting.

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  • General ideas about optimizing PIA for torrenting

Can I torrent using Private Internet Access without Inconvenience?

If you check Private Internet Access’s homepage, you’ll see that the VPN service provider centers on privacy protection, beating censorship, as well as the ease of configuration.

And did you noticesomething? We didn’t talk about torrenting, and that’s not something newbecause we are aware that most VPNs offer torrenting features, but won’t makeit their Unique Selling Point.

If you go to thebottom of the page (that’s on the Private Internet Access homepage), you willnotice that they offer P2P support under the features of their VPN plan/package.

Unfortunately, youwill find very little information when you try to get some more details abouttorrenting or their torrenting policy. That means that you will have to digdeep to get in-depth facts about torrenting.

All the same, you canstill share peer-to-peer files using PIA, and there should be no cause ofalarm.

Features of PIA torrenting

In this section, weare going to look at the features offered in Private Internet Accesstorrenting:

  • Robust protocols – Private Internet Access provides its users with leading protocols such as L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN.
  • Excellent encryption – As a Private Internet Access subscriber, you will have an option to choose from 256-Bit or 128-Bit encryption, which are more than secure. Additionally, you have the freedom to go for 128-Bit AES that has no authentication to help increase your speeds. This will do away with your encryption, though.
  • A ton of servers – PIA has 3,300+ servers, which means that you will easily find fast connections. Unfortunately, these servers are only available in 17 countries, which may leave some users desperate to find alternatives that could be near their residence, Additionally, due to this limitation in the number of countries, users may experience sluggish speeds, especially in Asian countries.
  • Zero logging – Private Internet Access is one of the VPN service providers with no-logs policy, which means that they don’t store your data during your online activities.
  • Test before you commit yourself – If you have the option of trying a service for 30 days before you can commit yourself, that’s better and a good deal too. The good news is that Private Internet Access offers its users a 30-day refund if you are not pleased with their services.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – The advantage of Private Internet Access is that you will have unlimited bandwidth to download without experiencing any inconveniences.
  • A variety of platforms – If you are using Private Internet Access, you will have the freedom to use it on Linux, iOS, Mac, as well as Windows. Additionally, PIA offers its users various extensions such as Opera extension, Chrome extension and Firefox extension.

The features we havediscussed above can boost your torrenting activities when using PrivateInternet Access. And you might be wondering whether there are any limitationsof using Private Internet Access.

Sure, Private InternetAccess is located in the United States, and as you know, the United States hasstringent rules to copyright violations.

In their privacypolicy, Private Internet Access states that “comply with all valid subpoenarequests.” And while the company says so, the VPN company will remainprotective to its users.

And Private Internet Access users will be more than pleased if they realized that the no-logs policy had been tried in a court of law and they PIA honored their policy.

Any negative customer feedback about PIA torrenting?

One of the issues orsignificant VPN preferences users is performance. If you can get theperformance you expected, there’s no reason why you should stay committed. Youmay decide to quit and move to a VPN service provider that gives preference totorrenting.

Some of the PrivateInternet Access customers have complained about disconnections when sharing P2Pfiles, though others have found some relief by using Private Internet AccessSocks5 proxy. So you can try that if your major priority for using VPN is totorrent. Also, PIA provides its users with a kill switch feature to protectthem from leaks.

There has also been aheated debate about PIA on Reddit. Most customers have been lamenting aboutPrivate Internet Access’s speed, while others have complained about technicalerrors, which may have also inconvenienced them in one way or another.

The thing is thatPrivate Internet Access is suitable for torrenting. The catch is that you mustget your facts right about how you can set P2P client set up correctly.

Establish the Socks5 proxy for torrenting with major P2P clients

There are a variety oftorrenting clients, including uTorrent and qBittorrent. These have proven toattract the most PIA users attention.

For best performance;however, it is best if you deal with them separately to identify uniquepointers as they both require a bit of modification before the VPN can startworking.

Note that with uTorrent and qTorrent, setting up Socks5 on your torrent client isn’t necessary – connect to a VPN server for maximum protection as well as privacy.

Configuration of a Private Internet Access qBittorrent Socks5 setup

Establishing a PrivateInternet Access qBittorrent Socks5 configuration can be easier than you’d haveimagined. Below are the steps to set up one:

  1. Set up the qBittorrent client.
  2. Head over to the Tools menu, then select “Options” and “Connection.”
  3. Beneath the “Type” section, write Socks5.
  4. Under the “Host” write
  5. Specify the Port as 1080.
  6. Enter your PIA username and password.
  7. “Disable all the connections not supported by proxies” and “Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections” before pressing the “Apply” button.

How to Configure a Private Internet Access uTorrent Socks5 setup

If you want the bestout of uTorrent along PIA, then setting up the Socks5 proxy on your torrentclient can be a great option. Below is how to do so:

  1. Open your uTorrent client.
  2. Head over to the Settings menu and select “Preferences” and “Connection.”
  3. Under the “Type” field write Socks5.
  4. Beneath the “Proxy” field, enter the following:
  5. Set the “Port” as 1080.
  6. Once that is done, remember to flag the following boxes: “Disable all local DNS lookups”, “Disable features that leak identifying information”, “Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections”, “Use proxy for hostname lookups”, and “Disable connections unsupported by the proxy”, and “Authentication”.

7. Finally, enter your username and password for Private Internet Access.

General ideas about optimizing PIA for torrenting

Optimizing your uTorrent and qBittorrent for PIA puts you in a safer place during torrenting. Nevertheless, if you experience slow speeds when downloading files, there are some criteria you opt to consider.


First, you’ll think ofcontacting PIA’s customer service. You can reach out to them via their website,where you’ll find P2P feature as the primary key of the software. From there,they will help you achieve the desired speeds you need.

You may alternativelyenable port forwarding to solve your problems. This can be done by followingthe five steps:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to disconnect from the Private Internet Access servers.
  2. Select the “Settings” menu in the VPN client, then “Advanced”.
  3. Select “Enable”, at the right-hand side of the option marked “Port Forwarding” then click save under your settings bar.
  4. To reconnect to the VPN, you’ll be assigned a specific port, where you are required to find a 5-digit code number.
  5. Finally, open your torrent client and head to the settings bar. Enter the 5-digit code in the required field under settings.

Once you understandthe above procedure, you shouldn’t experience poor speeds. If so, try anddisable the UTP protocol in your torrent client, minimize on “globalconnections”, or opt for a different service provider.

Poor connection speeds may be as a result of distance – being far away from the server makes your speed rate unreliable.

Pia Client Update Needed

Wrap Up

We can conclude thatPrivate Internet Access is easy to use, fast and offers its users robustsecurity features. Additionally, you can configure PIA qBittorrent Socks5 anduTorrent.

As you have seen howdifferent customers have different opinions about Private Internet Access, somecustomers have thrown in the towel and said goodbye to the American-based VPNservice provider.

Utorrent With Pia

The only sure-fire wayto be sure is to try the service before committing yourself. Maybe you can tryit for seven days and then cancel if you are not pleased with theirservices.

Best Torrent Client Pc

We can’t deny the fact that Private Internet Access is suitable for torrenting. Still, most VPN users who want to torrent will give the cold shoulder to PIA because its located in the United States, a country with very stringent rules regarding privacy violations.

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