Tixati for Windows or Linux (such as Ubuntu & Redhat) is the best free Torrent client but not an open-source one. It is meant for those who want a simple interface, powerful features without any ads and malware…

Best torrent programs for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions No matter what your preferences are, a torrent client needs to have the essential features needed along with an easy-to-use interface. Here, you’ll find the list of the best torrent clients for Linux. Just go through this list of essential Ubuntu software, read the description and then install the ones you need or are inclined to use. Just keep this page bookmarked for future reference or simply search on Google with term ‘best ubuntu apps itsfoss’. The best Ubuntu application list is intended for average Ubuntu user.

Like most of the BitTorrent clients, Tixati is also a peer- to peer file sharing program that uses BitTorrent protocol to download content from the decentralized network of systems. It can easily open Torrent files and Magnet links with just a torrent click. In addition to a chat function, the program also includes numerous details about the network currently in use and others. Such as Speed ​​and data statistics are displayed in real-time; DHT, PEX, and Magnet Link support, peer selection and choking; RC4 connection encryption for added security; NAT router hole-punching, RSS, IP Filtering, Event Scheduler, and more… Best fps for mac.

  1. Deluge is another GUI torrent client for Ubuntu 20.04. It has a lot of features, and therefore is definitely a bulkier install than Transmission. Still, it maintains a clean looking interface. If you're looking for a lot of customization and fine tuned control, Deluge is a good call.
  2. I was looking for a torrent client for ubuntu server a few weeks ago.I didn't found anything interesting but µTorrent server.It runs a web interface which can be accessible from serveraddress:8000/gui.
  3. Linux / Ubuntu is always never in short supply of useful utilities and applications that enhances your Linux experience to a great extent. When it comes to torrent players for Ubuntu / Linux Mint, there are indeed several of them out there and it is often a tough task to choose the best torrent player for your system.

Tixati is not only available for Windows 10/8/7, even we can install it on Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, CentOS, RedHat, and more. Here we are using Ubuntu 20.04 LTs, however, the steps will be the same for Ubuntu 19.04/18.04/16.04 and other similar Linux distros.


Open command terminal

Tixati is not available in the official repository, thus we can’t install it using the Ubuntu software center, therefore, we need to download the package. Thus, either use the keyboard shortcut i.e CTRL+ALT+T, or go to Applications to find the Command terminal.

Run System update

Before moving further run the system update to let all the installed packages achieve their latest states and the system refresh the repository packages.

Download Tixati BitTorrent Client

Open your browser and visit the official download page for Tixati, to make things a little bit easy, here is the link. Once you on the page, there will be two editions, one for 32-bit and others to install on 64-bit. Well, most of the modern system supports a 64-bit version, thus go for it, however, if you have 32-bit then click to download that.

Install Tixati on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 Linux

After downloading it, go to Command Terminal and switch to Downloads directory. As from the browser, the files we get, go to this folder.


For 64-bit:

For 32-bit

Enter the password and Tixati will be installed on your Linux system.


Uninstall (optional)

In case later, you want to completely remove the Tixati from Ubuntu Linux, then run the following command:

Run this Torrent app

Simply go to Show Applications and search for it or in terminal type tixati

The best torrent clients for Ubuntu transfer data over the BitTorrent protocol to smooth out decentralized peer-to-peer sharing. This ability made torrents an established element of the world of free and open-source programs.

Top 7 Torrent Clients For Ubuntu

  1. Deluge - Bandwidth control
  2. Vuze - Open-source torrent client
  3. Transmission - Clutter-free UI
  4. Tixati - Provides detailed statistics
  5. qBittorrent - No advertising
  6. Frostwire - Built-in media player
  7. KTorrent - Ability to preview certain file types

Numerous Linux distributions are constricted in the server download bandwidth. Through this protocol, users can quickly access Linux distributions and participate in further spreading of the software. Regardless of what you're going to download or distribute, see which client is the most efficient below.

1. Deluge

Bandwidth control
  • Free, ad-less and open source
  • Can encrypt traffic
  • Good web UI
  • Lightweight
  • None

Verdict: Deluge is a powerful and popular torrent client for Ubuntu. This powerful application enables you to download any file from different torrent sites with complete privacy.

The software will connect to a torrent server and will start downloading files as fast as possible without any problems. The application's security and guarantee are excellent, and you can download any number of files as many as you want, as long as they are not copyrighted.

2. Vuze

Open-source torrent client
  • Clear interface
  • Ability to expand functionality with plug-ins
  • High-quality comprehensive search
  • Fast speed
  • Annoying ads

Verdict: Vuze is a BitTorrent file sharing program that offers many useful features. Among the main advantages of this client for Ubuntu are multiboot support, a queuing and priority system, start and resume seeding options, and a lot of useful information about torrents. Vuze is especially suitable for downloading large files.

The Vuze interface is quite simple and straightforward for both beginners and advanced users, despite the large number of various functions and settings.

3. Transmission

Clutter-free UI
  • Open source
  • Lightweight
  • Available natively on many obscure OSs
  • Tons of features
  • There are lags

Verdict: Transmission is a simple and lightweight torrent client for Ubuntu that allows you to conveniently and quickly download any content from any torrent resource. Here you will not find unnecessary 'weighting' functions: only the most basic and necessary tools are available.

You can add torrent files already available on your PC for downloading, or you can drag the link into the working window of the program directly from the tracker. In addition, the program is capable of uploading a file using a URL link. It is possible to prioritize downloads, limit download and upload speeds, control your rating, create your own torrents, etc.

4. Tixati

Provides detailed statistics

Best Torrent App Ubuntu Windows 10

  • Full-featured
  • Lightweight
  • Highly customizable
  • Sequential downloading feature
  • Lack of web seeding
  • Built-in tracker isn’t included

Verdict: The Tixati torrent client for Ubuntu is one of the most popular and easy to use Bit torrent clients. It allows you to download any file, music or video onto your computer or laptop and hold it for a set period of time (hours, in most cases).

This is great for students who need access to their school library at all times and for anyone looking to download large files such as movies and games off the internet. Tixati offers a one-click application download which can be executed from your Dashboard by clicking on the 'Download' or 'Add files' button. Once downloaded, the client will prompt you before it starts functioning, and it is important to follow the prompts to avoid problems such as missing files, damaged files and other errors.

5. qBittorrent

No advertising
  • Open source
  • Lightweight
  • Can bind to VPN
  • Auto torrent adding
  • Has issues with large torrent numbers
  • Torrent downloads can freeze

Top Apps For Ubuntu

Verdict: qBittorrent is a free client for the BitTorrent file-sharing network, powerful and easy to use. Despite its ease of use, this program has an impressive set of useful features.

qBittorrent has many features, some of which are unique to it. It implements almost all the features of the BitTorrent protocol: DHT, Peer Exchange, Full encryption, Magnet URI. The built-in, plug-in-extensible search engine allows you to search on many search sites.

6. Frostwire

Built-in media player
  • Small and easy-to-download
  • Easy to share files and folders
  • Supports importing multiple torrents at once
  • Customize various advanced settings
  • Unable to add custom websites in the search bar
  • May Install unnecessary programs during setup

Verdict: The Frostwire torrent client for Ubuntu is a program that allows users of the Ubuntu operating system to download large files.

The main feature of the Frostwire application is its ability to block certain types of file types from being attached to downloads in order to prevent viruses, spyware, and other harmful programs from infecting the computer. This type of protection is similar to that offered by many antivirus software, but the ease of installation and use of the software makes it an affordable solution.

7. KTorrent

Ability to preview certain file types
  • Works great even with a high number of torrents
  • Good UI
  • Auto shutdown
  • Streaming of video while downloading
  • Requires KDE dependencies

Verdict: KTorrent torrent client for Ubuntu is one of the most popular torrent clients available today. With it's ease of use, many new users can use their Ubuntu machine to download a wide variety of music, movies, software and other media.

It is a very powerful program that offers high-speed downloads of any type of file. I would personally recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and easy to use download client.

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