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Are you a pro gamer who wants to show off your skills and gain a lot of views? Or an educator who wants to share tutorials or tips and tricks on how to do stuff in your computer? Or maybe even an app blogger who wants to share new stuffs and feature of your newly discovered app in your phone? Well this free online screen recorder software is your comprehensive solution for your screen casting videos.

ApowerMirror is a powerful screen mirroring app that can be used to mirror phone to PC, Mac, TV, and other mobile devices like phones and tablets. It allows you to connect and mirror your phone to PC via USB or WiFi, and you can remotely control Android from PC or Mac using your mouse and keyboard. Moreover, it offers additional features for you to record the screen, take screenshots, add. Free for Ever - No Download Required.

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is already on its second version. I will walk you through the core features of this screen capture software and shed some insights on why they call their program Pro. Since this is the second version, it comes with a lot of cool upgrades.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is an excellent video recording software that enables you to capture anything on the PC screen. It has a lot of features that makes your life easier in creating your perfect video. Apowersoft is so versatile that even a newbie can operate it and produces screen captured video like a pro.

In this Apowersoft review we'll go over a lot of specifics about what makes it great, and will go into why you might consider other options (though there isn't much, we're giving this a solid 5/5).

V1 vs V2

Unlike the first version of this screen recording software, the user interface of version 2 is very simple but intuitive. The key buttons are much easier to locate since there are less features. V2 is a much higher quality software with more robust audio features and flawless save tools.

It also has the gives you a lot of options in recording your screen. You can either capture a video, a picture or just an audio. For those doing basic tutorials, it also offers a white board which can be great for quick off-hand illustrations.

This recording software is built to be understood by everyone, but if there are little things that you find confusing, you can also visit their Website Support. Their support website will teach you how to record your screen, how to edit your recorded video, how to connect your devices to your Apowersoft, etc. that this review doesn't cover.

This is one of the features on why this program stands out for they value their consumers. You can find a lot of helpful information on their website. There are guides and manuals, community support (online forum) and you can also submit a ticket if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Key Features Reviewed

1. Create a Screen Capture Video

You can get started by clicking the 'Start' button at the top left button and it will give you a drop-down on how you want your screen to be recorded. You can go by just a Region of your screen, Full Screen capture, around the mouse, your web camera, IOS recorder, and just your computer audio.

Once it starts capturing your screen, it gives you a different dashboard with controls on it. You can either Pause, Stop, adjust the capture volume and record your webcam within the screen record. In that way, people can hear what you say, as well as see your facial expressions in high quality while watching the videos.

One cool feature is that the Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder comes with a simple but powerful real-time editor which allows you to draw lines, arrows, circles and texts during recording. This feature is very useful in making tutorials and other instructive videos and comes with the default download.

You can make edits to both screens, including the webcam portion.

Once you click Stop, your recorded video will add up to the list in the main dashboard. When the recording is finished, there are many ways for you to manage it. Other than saving it to your local disk, you can also choose to directly upload it YouTube, or store it on Google Drive/ Dropbox so that you can review the video wherever you are as long as you have Internet.

You'll find that the result is high quality, and is really good compared to other tools or options.

2. iOS Recorder

I know that you may not agree with me but I feel like it can be very complicated to make 2 iDevices work together but this screen recording software just made it so easy and convenient. This is one of the features on which make this free online screen recorder program great.

This windows screen recorder has a platform on where you can record your iDevice and make it appear on a big screen like an Apple TV. It can record everything displayed on your iDevice and it based on Airplay which means no need of cables. You can follow through the steps in connecting your iDevice to your computer by visiting their website.

Once your device is connected, you can already start capturing your screen by hovering your mouse in the upper left part of the iOS Recorder dashboard and a ribbon will drop down. Just press the 'Record' button and it will start capturing your screen.

Once done, just press the 'Stop' button and your screen capture video will automatically save in the APowersoft Screen recorder folder.

3. Great Video Editing

Unlike other free online screen recorder programs, this comes with a Setup interface on where you can do a lot of changes on your screen captured video such as adding a different audio your screen capture, add a subtitle, adding and merging a couple of videos to 1 file.

To make the recorded videos be supported on different platforms, this video recording software provides various video formats for recording, such as MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, GIF, etc. Apowersoft supports almost all of the video and audio format which makes this program versatile, a quality that a graphic artist is always looking for a software.

You can easily merge different type of files and you also have the ability to change the exported file type and the format that would support all other media software and devices. You can not only select standard resolutions, such as 1280X720, 1920X1080, or other resolutions for gadgets like iPhone 6s/6s Plus, but also customize specific region or full screen for recording. Apart from recording modes, you can also choose audio input to make better videos if you have a microphone.

You can select any one depending on your need. You can either choose in exporting it by choosing what type of video format and file type, or you can either click the “Device” tab and choose the device that you’d want this video exported. The software will automatically export the video file that would match the best quality for that certain device (Very useful for beginners).

You basically have everything you need in editing your recorded video. They add small details and features that are nice. For example, it can actually shutdown your computer after converting a file which is located in the bottom right on the video editor. I personally find that helpful so that you can save on some electricity and battery. It's a feature you don't often see on other video editing software.

4. Task Scheduler

Do you need to record a live streaming but you’re doing something else? Do you prefer recording a web meeting to review it later? Or how about recording your kids’ internet activity while you are not around? Then you will find this task scheduler helpful for you.

This is something that you don’t normally see in a screen capture software. This screen recording software comes with a Task Scheduler Feature. This program can stand as your automatic DVR for you would have the ability to start your screen recording task automatically with by presetting the start time and customizing the duration. You can easily record a screen video even if you are away.

You can access this feature by clicking the 'No Schedule Task' link in the bottom left of the main dashboard (if you already have a task created, it will be just the blue phrase in the bottom left of the main dashboard). A task scheduler screen will pop-up and you can start customizing your next task. All the task created will show up in the task list in the bottom of the task scheduler.

5. Uploading and Sharing

This program makes it easier for you to share and upload your videos online. This makes it the bloggers best friend. Just by clicking “Upload” button on the top ribbon, will give you an option to upload it directly to YouTube or to any FTP server if you have one.

There is also a great deal of sharing options from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg , Bebo, and more internet perograms. You can just click the “List” button in the upper right toolbar beside the minimize button of the Main Dashboard and click “share'.

6. Screenshot

Windows and Mac have their own way of getting their own screenshot. But it just only covers the typical capture the whole screen thing and be done with it. This screenshot capability of Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is an advanced screen capture tool which captures a still image in your screen with top precision.

You will have an option to hide your mugshot video and include the mouse cursor in the screenshot. It comes with a crosshair with a magnified crosshair area to accurately select the field that you want to capture. It also automatically selects the window which makes it a lot easier to choose the capture.

Once a field is selected for capture, a toolbar will automatically appear. You still have a lot of things that you can do to modify your captured image. With the horizontal toolbar, you can edit your image like in paint, you also can blur the area that you don't want to include. The vertical toolbar lets you share, print, send as email, and upload it to screenshot.net.

7. Help and Support

There are a lot of developers who forget their consumers after the product is purchased, but not Apowersoft. The developers of the software value their consumers. Apowersoft values feedback and give full support for their consumers.

Apowersoft has pretty good tutorials for beginners, they also have technical support and feedback if you have some issues with the product or you want to suggest an improvement and they also have a community forum on where you can also get support and share solutions from other users. You can easily access the support by just clicking the Help button at the top ribbon of the main dashboard.

The software guides & manuals and the community support in the support website give you so much information about the product. It even lists the frequently asked questions like on how to record your screen, etc. Community support is where you can interact with a different user through the forum. This is where you can find a lot of tips and tricks on how to use the product.

One of the unique support that they have is how you can submit your ticket. They really showcased their product for you can record your computer screen and send it as a video recording ticket. You can visit their support website at https://www.apowersoft.com/support.

Strength and Weakness

You already have been through most of the features of the programs of this desktop recorder. These range of useful feature saves you a lot of time and mostly caters the needs of the user. But then again, each program has its own strength and weaknesses. I’ll pin down some of its pros and cons that you might want to take note.


1. Lone Video Editor.

As what I said earlier, this program can be used by anybody. So, if you’re a newbie or a straight forward no-nonsense type of person who just wants to get a video tutorial or your gameplay started, the editor will work for you.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Free Download

However, some users might find this program to plain especially for the hardcore graphic artist who is so particular with the FPS, audio mix or transitions and animations, etc., then you might want to use a different program in editing the videos after extraction. Nonetheless, this is definitely a good add-on for the main program that captures your screen.

The Apowersoft Screen Recorder program that is in a package with the main software. It can export your files to any format that you want such as MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, GIF, etc. You can also combine several types of video file format with this program. You can adjust the video speed, trim, crop, adjust the video effects (just the basics such as contrast, brightness and saturation), add a subtitle easily, etc.

With these features of the editor, it compiles the essentials for editing which make this a very good add-on to the main program.

2. It Supports 22 Languages

Not all of us understands the English language. This application supports 22 different languages. You can use this program in your native language. It supports English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, etc. Since not all application supports other languages, this one would stand out globally.

3. Great Audio Editing

The audio editing with the videos is pretty great too. You'll have a great time with it if you have a microphone so that you can add your own voice. If you don't have a microphone you can always record a voice clip on your phone, but using a high quality microphone can make a big difference.


1. More to Apple less to Android

I noticed that this program is more to Apple devices than to android devices. You wouldn’t notice that this would be Android compatible for by the time you click the “Start” button to start the screen record, you will only find “iOS Recorder” and there is none for “Android Recorder”. Although the program still supports Android users, the wireless capability is only available for Apple users through Airplay Monitor.

The iOS Recorder converts your computer to a wireless input like an Apple TV in which you can connect your Apple device and display its mobile screen to your desktop screen. Apparently, there is no equivalent feature that is available for Android. So, if you’re an Android user, you would need to use your USB connector in order to display your Mobile Screen into the computer.

If you’re not the resourceful type, it would be hard for you to figure out how to connect your 2 screens. I still am hoping that they are working on a way to make things even.

2. Only for Windows and Mac

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder Not Working

Most of the programs nowadays are built for Windows and Mac hence, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro only supports Windows and Mac and not for Linux. Although there are still a lot of Linux users out there, the program hasn’t ventured out in making this available to them. I should say that this is a whole new area of opportunity in doing business by covering that market and I hope that the company would extend their arms to them.

Pricing and Trials

With those cool features, you can easily own this at a reasonable and fairly cheap price. You can have this for a one-time payment of $39.95. No monthly subscription! No DLC!

You can also try all you want! You can just stay on trial without any grace period. This makes it best screen recorder in the market. In which you can access most of the features of the application, with the limitations of the watermark and being limited to record up to 3 minutes per video. After which you can decide to buy a license if the trial version is not enough for you.


I have tried a couple of screen capturing software but Apowersoft Screen Recorder really stands out. The best screen recorder so far, for it caters almost everything that you need. You can try to record computer screen and let the program speak for itself.

Overall, I would say that this is an all in one software for those who wants to make quality screencast videos in an instant.

I would give an overall 5/5 score for its simplicity, effectiveness and comprehensive solutions for screencast videos and editing.

May you be a pro gamer or an educator who wish to capture their memorable or informative moments in screen and share in the world wide web, this program is the only thing that you need.

by Christine Smith • 2021-01-12 10:46:37 • Proven solutions

The Apowersoft Screen Recorder is not up to snuff? Or, maybe you want to shop around before settling on one screen recorder to get used to? Well, then you're in luck. There are dozens of different Apowersoft Screen Recorder alternatives available in 2020. So, you don't necessarily have to settle for one or the other. You might even find that certain screen recorders are better at recording certain content than others — it's never as clear cut as you'd think.

Fortunately for you, we've cataloged some of the most practical alternatives to Apowersoft in 2020. So, if you want to learn all, there is to learn about some of the leading video recording software in the market right now, then all you have to do is to keep reading.

Part 1. Best Alternative to Apowersoft Screen Recorder

For our first recommended Apowersoft screen recorder alternative (which is also what we consider the best video screen recorder), we have the Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). This powerful video conversion and downloading tool also can be a highly effective video recorder for all your screen recording needs.

Wondershare UniConverter-The Most Helpful Screen Recorder

  • There are customizable capture screen recording modes (custom capture, full screen, etc.).
  • It has advanced video quality settings for recording up to 4K HD videos.
  • There are audio and voice mixers for specifying simultaneous screens, audio, and voice recording.
  • One-click record feature that counts down recording time.
  • User-friendly UI perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.
  • It has a 30X faster conversion speed than other common converters.
  • Edit videos with trimming, cropping, merging, adding subtitles, and more.
  • Burn video to playable DVD with attractive free DVD template.
Security Verified. 7,851,625 people have downloaded it.

Step 1 Try the UniConverter for free.

You can try out the Wondershare UniConverter for yourself by downloading it and installing it on the Wondershare UniConverter page (shown in the image below).

It's available right now for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP & macOS 10.10 or later.

Step 2 Select Screen Recorder.

Immediately after launching the software, you'll be able to access the Video Converter section by default. You can click the Screen Recorder section to go to the recorder feature. Then, click the icon to start recording.

Step 4 Customize the capture screen.

There are a couple of different custom options that you can use to customize your recording area, audio, voice, and quality (click the Settings icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the window to open the advanced menu).

Most of these options are pre-defaulted, but one important feature is the capture area option. You can use this to specify a custom capture area, or you can capture the full screen.

Step 5 Start recording video.

Once you're done playing around with the settings to create your own custom experience, start recording your screen by hitting that big red REC button. The tool will countdown to five before starting to record, which should give you more than enough time to get your affairs in order.

Part 2. Another 9 Helpful Alternatives to Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Not had enough yet in terms of available options? Well, then we have another 9 helpful alternatives to push your way in this next part. We won't be going as in-depth into these Apowersoft screen recorder alternatives, but we will give you an overview of everything you need to know. Including the product URL, how the recorder works, it's pros and cons, and what it looks like.

1. Loom

URL: https://www.loom.com/

Loom is a browser application and desktop software that is marketed for the production of informational videos. Its browser extension is one of the most popular in its field, and that's what we'd suggest if you're looking to try it out. The only catch is that the actual Loom desktop app could use some work, but it works just as well in a pinch.


● Browser extension records screen tab, webcam, and microphone.

● Can save HD full-screen screen capture of browser activity.

● The desktop app is excellent for recording non-browser-based activity.


● The desktop version is a bit buggy and not as good as the browser extension.

● Its free version is limited when it comes to the available number of recordings.

● If you're hoping to publish tutorials, there is no way of censoring private info.

2. OBS Studio

URL: https://obsproject.com/

The open-source OBS Studio is another excellent pick for an Apowersoft alternative. It's free-to-use, which is all some people might want in a screen recorder, and it doesn't have any of the same limitations that you see in other free recording programs. It's quite popular in the gaming scene on YouTube and Twitch as well. Many professional influencers either started out using this software or are still using it for its advanced functionalities.


● It captures screen, webcam, audio, and voice simultaneously.

● Compatible with most popular streaming platforms.

● It produces limitless HD videos either for live streaming or for publishing.


● The UI may be a bit complex for some.

● There are users that experience bug-issues regarding its custom hotkeys.

● Advanced video recording is not supported.

3. Bandicam

URL: https://www.bandicam.com/

Bandicam is a screen capture tool that is all the rage when it comes to influencers and YouTubers. If you were a part of the 2012 gameplay craze, then you've probably heard of it. And, it's only continued to evolve from its original beginnings. With this capture tool, you can record your screen, a webcam, a microphone, and your audio simultaneously. It also supports the recording of mobile devices and a selection of game consoles. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the ability to record in 4K Ultra HD (with videos up to 3840×2160 resolution.)


● It supports simultaneous recording of multiple system devices.

● It supports Ultra HD video recording (up to 24 hours at a time).

● It uses very little CPU power for maximum efficiency.


● Some functions are only available in the premium version.

● It was previously known for the occasional loss or corruption of data, which may cause you to lose all your work in an instant.

4. Screen Recorder Studio

URL: https://screen.center/

Screen Recorder Studio is that we'd like to call it free recording software, but it's not open source. If you're keen on using this tool, you're going to have to prepare to deal with a couple of ads here and there (unless you unlock it by paying for the premium version.) Either way, it does a pretty solid job at capturing screenshots and videos - with direct upload options that make it even simpler for you to connect your content to known streaming platforms.


● Easy to use screen capture tool (for screenshots and video).

● Videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube once recorded.

● Capable of overlaying the simultaneous recording of webcams.


● The free version is littered with a bunch of ads.

● You'll need to pay the premium to unlock an ad-free experience.

● The UI is not as clean or efficient as other alternatives.

5. AceThinker

URL: https://acethinker.com/desktop-recorder

AceThinker is another premium screen recorder that you can check out if you're looking for something capable of capturing your screen activity without a limit. Its multiple capture modes make for a fairly customizable experience, and it offers quite a few advanced editing or effects functions that you might find yourself needing.


● It has multiple modes for capturing screen activity.

● Detect function for automatically detecting active screens to record.

● It is a built-in converter for quickly uploading files to various platforms.


● The free version limits certain functions.

● You'll need to pay a premium fee to access its paid version.

● Its video editing functions are rather sparse.

6. CamStudio

URL: https://camstudio.org/

CamStudio is one of the most popular webcam recording software out there, and it's capable of simultaneous screen and voice recording as well. It's not got the best of reputations, what with the origins of its name, but it does the job just as well as most recording software — and it's open-source too. So, it's completely free to use and quite effective at recording HD videos.


● It outputs HD videos for the highest quality.

● It is compatible with both YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

● It is effective without using too much CPU power.


● The interface is rather primary.

● Its available output formats are limited.

● Exporting and importing videos takes time as the output file size is rather large.

7. Movavi Screen Recorder

URL: https://www.movavi.com/screen-recorder/

The Movavi Screen Recorder belongs to a great line of other PC software products, and its capabilities are quite impressive. It can capture Full HD videos at up to 60 frames per second — a feature that is most popular for streamers, especially those who stream gameplay, as it can handle recording most games without costing too much CPU power. It also has an extensive array of editing tools that you might find useful in certain areas.


● It has a user-friendly UI for easy screen recording.

● It comes with a library of filters and effects along with a video editor.

● It produces Full HD videos (1080p).


● It is a paid recording software.

● The free version limits usage of the product.

● There is no direct upload option.

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder Not Working On Ipad

8. Screencast-O-Matic

URL: https://screencast-o-matic.com/

Next up on this list of the most effective alternatives to Apowersoft is the Screencast-O-Matic. It has a pretty catchy name for such serious recording software, but there's no denying that it catches the eye. This program exists in both a free and a premium version, with certain limitations that we believe make the free version largely unhelpful (which is why it fell so low on this list.) But, if you're interested in it all the same, and aren't against spending some money on it, then here's what you can expect as to its advantages and disadvantages.


Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder For Pc

● It is capable of an in-sync recording of screen, voice, and webcam. The karate kid 2 full movie in hindi dubbed download.

● It is ready-to-use with the leading streaming platforms in the market.

● It has a beginner-friendly UI for tech-inexperienced folks.


● The free version of the product does not allow audio-recording.

● Neither does it enable full-screen video recording.

● You will also need to be connected to the internet at all times to make it work.

9. Icecream Screen Recorder

URL: https://icecreamapps.com/Screen-Recorder/

Our last pick of the lot is the Icecream Screen Recorder. This screen capture tool also exists in both a free and a premium version. And, just like the previous recorder on this tool, it imposes some pretty massive limitations on the free version that you're going to have to cough up some cash to be able to use it properly.


● The free version allows for almost long-term video recording.

● Several modes for recording are available (custom, full screen, etc.).

● It can capture your PC screen, a game console, audio, and so on.


● The free version is only capable of video recording.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Online

● Its video editing functions are rather limited.

● It's pretty pricey for such a simple product.


Online Screen Recorder For Pc

Hopefully, you are now better armed to decide as to which screen recorder to try in 2020. Apowersoft is a strong contender here, but the fact that you're looking up alternatives no doubt means that you don't believe that it isn't the right one for you. If so, we advise that you try out one of the ten convenient alternatives we introduced above. If you're still unsure and unable to make a clear decision, then go with the first alternative that we recommended — the Wondershare UniConverter. In most situations, it's all you'll ever need.

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