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  3. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Free Download
  4. Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder For Pc
  5. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Version

With a free screen recorder, you can capture exactly what's happening on your screen (whether it's the entire display or just a selected area) and either stream it live, or save it as a video file.

Simply prepare a computer that can access to internet successfully and a browser for. Any version of Apowersoft Screen Recorder distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost. 2.1.1 Jan 19th, 2016 1.4.3 Jan 13th, 2015.

The best screen recorders can do a lot more than that though, with options for recording your own commentary as a voiceover, adding captions and notes, and even using picture-in-picture to add footage from your webcam. The right software will also let you export your recordings in a variety of formats, and even export them directly to YouTube.

Not all free screen recorders are the same though – some only record for a few seconds, some come bundled with extra software you probably don't want, and some apply unsightly watermarks to your finished videos.

That's why we've rounded up the very best screen recorders you can download today, helping you choose the right one for your project. Whether you're making a software tutorial, recording a Let's Play video, or capturing a video call, there's something here that'll fit the bill.

The best free screen recorders at a glance

  1. OBS Studio
  2. FlashBack Express
  3. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder
  4. Debut Video Capture
  5. ShareX
  6. Screencast-O-Matic
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© Provided by TechRadarIt's not free, but if you want to record footage from your screen for use in presentations and YouTube videos, Adobe Captivate is the best tool for the job. Not only can it capture footage from your screen, it also allows you to integrate PowerPoint slides, and even add interactive questions for your audience.
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1. OBS Studio

The best screen recorder for any software, including games

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

HD streaming and recording
Open source and ad-free

If you’re a keen gamer, OBS Studio is easily the best screen recorder for you. Unlike the hugely popular FRAPS (which only lets you record for 30 seconds at a stretch unless you’ve bought a license, and applies a watermark to the resulting footage), OBS Studio is open source, and completely free to use without restrictions.

OBS Studio supports both streaming and recording in high definition, with no restrictions on the number or length of your creations. You can stream live to Twitch or YouTube gaming, save projects and come back to them later, or encode your footage in FLV format and save it locally.

Because OBS Studio can record directly from your graphics card, it’s able to capture games running in full-screen mode (many other screen recorders can only record if the game is windowed), with customizable hotkeys to control the recording. OBS Studio can also make full use of multi-core CPUs for improved performance, and can record at 60FPS (or even higher).

It might take a little while to set it up exactly how you want, but OBS Studio is by far the best and most powerful screen recorder for gamers.

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2. FlashBack Express

Ideal for recording games and capturing footage from a webcam

Platform: Windows

Well designed interface
Record from screen or webcam

OBS Studio is our favorite free screen recorder, but Flashback Express comes an extremely close second. Despite being a free version of a paid program, FlashBack Express won't put ugly watermarks over your recordings or impose time limits, and it's packed with features and tools that rival many premium programs. Its interface is less intimidating than OBS Studio, so if you've never used a screen recorder before, it's an excellent choice.

You can record from your whole screen, a window, a selected area, or a webcam. Once you’ve finished, your recording will appear in a simple editor, where you can crop and trim it to suit your needs, then export it to YouTube, an FTP server, or your PC.

That’s all fairly standard fare for a free screen recorder, but take a minute to dive into Flashback’s advanced options and you’ll find a wealth of thoughtfully designed settings that will make your desktop recordings look truly professional. The recorder can automatically obscure passwords entered on screen, replace your silly wallpaper with a plain one, hide messy desktop icons, and highlight your mouse pointer to make it easier to follow. There's also a dedicated gaming mode that lets you define the number of frames recorded per second.

There’s no limit on the length of your recordings unless you choose to set one, which can be useful if there’s a chance you might accidentally leave the recorder running. You can also choose to break long recordings up into chunks – a brilliant touch that helps you avoid creating huge, unwieldy files. Your recordings won’t be watermarked, either.

Following a recent update, Flashback Express can export in WMV, AVI and MP4 formats, eliminating the need for a separate video converter, and it no longer requires a free license key for activation – just install the software and you're ready to start recording.

Developer Blueberry Software has also released a free screen recorder designed specifically for games – FBX. This recorder captures HD in-game footage, with hardware acceleration for AMD and Nvidia cards, and Intel CPUs.

If you're thinking about upgrading to FlashBack Pro, Blueberry software is offering TechRadar readers an exclusive 25% discount.

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3. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

An in-browser recorder more powerful than most desktop apps

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser)

No time limits or watermarks
Can record from webcams

If you want to record a presentation, software demonstration or tutorial, give Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder a try. It's a browser-based tool, which means it's not suitable for games, but for any other tasks it's ideal.

The first time you use Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, you'll be prompted to download a small launcher application. You'll then be provided with a control bar packed with more options than you'll find in most desktop screen recording software. You can capture footage from your desktop or a webcam, and record audio from your PC, microphone, both or neither.

You can record the whole screen, select an area manually or choose one of the preset resolutions – ideal if you’re recording a clip for YouTube, for example, and don’t want to use a separate video editor to resize it later.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder also offers customizable keyboard shortcuts for speed and convenience. You can choose whether or not to include the cursor in the recording and take your pick from a range of output formats including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV and many more. You can even add annotations during the recording.

Once you’re done, you can save the recording as a video file or GIF, upload it directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or send it to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also edit the clip. Selecting this option will download an additional component – Apowersoft Video Editor – which lets you make simple adjustments before exporting your video in your preferred format. A truly exceptional tool.

Note that the 'Download desktop version' button links to a program called Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. This is a trial version of a premium application, and is more limited than Online Screen Recorder.

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4. Debut Video Capture

Capable of recording from screens, IP cameras and webcams

Platform: Windows

Scheduled recordings
Can record from IP cameras

Debut Video Capture is a new addition to our roundup of free screen recorders, and although its slightly dated design does it few favors, it's an extremely powerful program that can do much more than just capture what's happening on your PC monitor.

Apowersoft free online screen recorder

In addition to basic screen recording (with no time limits or watermarks), Debut Video Capture can also record footage from external devices, including webcams and security cameras. It can even record on a regular schedule, which means it can become the main hub of a home security system. Not too shabby for a program that's totally free for personal use.

There are no post-production editing tools, but you can apply filters and add your own captions and watermarks before you begin recording. There's no option for exporting videos directly to YouTube or Facebook, but they can be saved in all the main formats, including MP4, MOV and AVI (to name just three).

Debut Video Capture is currently in public beta, so we look forward to seeing the final release version with a lick of extra polish soon.

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Vlc player equalizer mac

© Provided by TechRadar Divider© Provided by TechRadar (Image credit: ShareX Team; Shutterstock)

5. ShareX

A great choice if you want to share your screen recordings online

Platform: Windows

Capture as video file or GIF
Also great for static screen grabs

ShareX is an open source app for capturing still screen grabs and recording videos. There are no watermarks or time limits to worry about, but the interface isn't the most intuitive in the world so you’ll be best off using keyboard shortcuts. For quick reference, you can start a recording by tapping Shift + Print Screen, and stop it again using Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen.

You can also use this free screen recorder to save your capture as a GIF rather than a video file, which can be extremely useful for sharing on forums and social media.

Not only is ShareX a brilliant free screen recorder, it can also capture an entire scrolling webpage, capture and identify text via OCR, and even capture your screen according to a schedule.

Another of its best features is the ability to send your captured grabs and videos straight to a file-sharing or social media site. There’s a vast array of options, which you can check out on the project’s site.

Unfortunately, ShareX doesn’t support taking screen grabs or recordings from games running in full-screen mode. Other than that, it’s a superb screen recorder that will serve you extremely well.

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6. Screencast-O-Matic

A browser-based free screen recorder with a lot to offer

Platform: Windows, macOS, ChromeOS (in browser)

Supports captions
Videos are watermarked

Screencast-O-Matic is another browser-based free screen recorder, and a very capable one at that. Recordings are limited to 15 minutes in length, but you can record as many clips as you like, zoom while recording, trim your recorded clips, add captions, save them to your desktop, YouTube or the cloud, share a video link, or add one of 30 royalty-free music tracks

Hit ‘Start recording for free’, followed by ‘Launch free recorder’. As with Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, you’ll be prompted to download and install a small web launcher, after which the screen recorder will launch. Prepare your screen and adjust the size of the recording window to suit your needs (it can record the whole screen or just a selected area), then hit the red button. You can capture audio from your PC or a microphone, and record footage from your screen, a webcam or both.

Upgrading to a Deluxe account gives you extra features including scripted recordings, drawing and annotations, a video editor, and (perhaps most usefully) the ability to generate captions automatically with text-to-speech. That’s an impressive set of tools for $1.65 (about £1, AU$2.50) per month, but the free version of Screencast-O-Matic has a lot to offer as well.

The only real downside is that your recordings will be watermarked unless you upgrade, but if that’s not an issue then this free screen recorder is well worth a look.

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En skærmoptager kan hjælpe dig med at gøre mange ting. For eksempel kan du downloade YouTube-videoer, optage gameplay, fange streamingvideo og enhver anden aktivitet på din computer. Der er to versioner af skærmoptagere i Apowersoft. For folk, der ikke har brug for meget på skærmoptagelse, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder er et rart valg. Ingen registrering eller køb kræves. Det ser ud til, at du kan få ubegrænset video- og lydoptagelse inden for den gratis skærmoptager i Apowersoft. Er det sandt? Du kan finde svaret her.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Del 1: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Review & Tutorial

Faktisk vil mange mennesker vide, om Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder er værd at bruge. Hvad kan du gøre og ikke gøre med Apowersoft gratis skærmoptager? Du kan fortsætte med at læse og tjekke den seneste Apowersoft Gratis Online Screen Recorder-gennemgang.

Apowersoft Gratis online skærmoptageranmeldelse

Selvom det er en online skærmoptager, kan du kun køre Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder på Windows og Mac. Inden du optager skrivebordsskærm, skal du først installere dens startprogram. Det er let og hurtigt at færdigbehandle. Derefter kan du optage skærmvideo og lyd med Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder.

Ærligt talt er der et gennemskinneligt vandmærke øverst til højre på din optagelsesvideo. Hvis du optager video med Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, får du et Apowersoft-vandmærke vedhæftet i outputfilen. Du kan slippe af med vandmærke og andre irriterende grænser fra Apowersoft Screen Recorder. Lad os alligevel gå tilbage til Apowersoft gratis videooptager. Hvis du ønsker at få den detaljerede analyse, kan du tjekke denne Apowersoft anmeldelse.

  • PROS
  • 1. Optag alle former for aktiviteter (video & webcam & lyd) på din computer.
  • 2. Føj tekst, linje, form, note, udbydelse, fremhævning og flere tegneværktøjer på skærmen til din optagevideo eller skærmbillede.
  • 3. Juster output video- og lydindstillinger til skærmoptagelse med Apowersoft gratis videooptager.
  • 4. Gem optagelsesvideofilen som MP4, WMV, AVI, VOB osv.
  • 5. Del optagefilen med URL eller upload til skyen.
  • CONS
  • 1. Den gratis version af Apowersoft Screen Recorder har et vandmærke indsat.
  • 2. En browser-plugin kræves, før du kører Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder.
  • 3. Der er ingen Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder bærbar version til iOS- og Android-brugere.
  • 4. Optagelse af spil med Apowersoft gratis skærmoptager er en smule uegnet på grund af indspilningswidget.
  • 5. Brug for at tilmelde dig en Apowersoft gratis online skærmoptager-konto til fjern vandmærket og få adgang til flere funktioner.

Hvor downloades Apowersoft gratis online skærmoptager

Du kan besøge det officielle websted for at få adgang til Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. Første gang du bruger det, skal du downloade og installere en launcher i browseren. Eller du kan downloade den fulde version kaldet ApowerREC. Der er en direkte download-knap ved siden af.

Sådan bruges Apowersoft gratis online skærmoptager

Trin 1 Besøg Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder websted. Klik på Start Recording i hovedgrænsefladen.

Trin 2 Klik på Download Launcher at downloade og installere browserplugin.

Trin 3 Start Apowersoft online launcher for at få Apowersoft gratis skærmoptager online.

Trin 4 Klik på Indstillinger for at justere skærmoptagelsesindstillinger. Du kan justere videoramfrekvens, bitrate, format og mere.

Trin 5 Træk skærmbilledeområdet, og angiv andre detaljer. Klik REC for at starte optagelse med Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder.

Trin 6 Når du stopper optagelsen, vil du være i Eksempel vindue som standard. Så du kan eksportere din video ved at gemme, dele eller uploade.

Del 2: Apowersoft gratis online skærmoptageralternativer

For at bruge alle avancerede funktioner skal du stadig abonnere på Apowersoft Screen Recorder med forskellige abonnementsplaner. Apowersoft-licensen er slags dyr. Så hvis du vil prøve noget nyt, kan du henvise til følgende to Apowersoft-alternativer.

Fuld version alternativ

Det er Apeaksoft Screen Recorder der giver brugerne mulighed for at skærme optagelser på skrivebordet uden forsinkelse. Skærmoptagelsessoftwaren optager lav CPU. Således kan du optage gameplay og andre live-streams glat. Naturligvis kan du få alle funktioner, der leveres fra Apowersoft gratis online skærmoptager. Sammenlignet med Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro er brugergrænsefladen mere forenklet. Det er en let og kraftig skærmoptager til alle brugere.

  • Optag enhver online og streaming video og lyd med den originale kvalitet.
  • Optageskærm med fleksibel skærmstørrelse og tilpassbare tegneværktøjer
  • Foretag video- og lydindstillinger såvel som genvejstaster og andre outputindstillinger.
  • Ingen maksimal optagelængde. Eller du kan indstille en planlagt opgave, der skal optages på Windows / Mac smart.
Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Espanol

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Espanol Windows 10

Download til WinDownload til Mac

Trin 1 Gratis download, installation og start af Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. Klik Video-optager til at optage gameplay, FaceTime-opkald, online-møde eller enhver streaming video.

Trin 2 Indstil skærmbilledeområdet med Fuld or Tilpasset. Trigger på System Sound og sort Mikrofon baseret på dit behov. Du kan optage skærmvideo med lyd fra browser, software eller endda din stemme.

Trin 3 Klik på gearet Indstillinger ikonet øverst. I Indstillinger vindue, kan du indstille outputvideoformat, kvalitet, hotkey og andre optagelsesdetaljer. Bare klik OK for at gemme ændringer.

Trin 4 Klik nu på REC for at starte optagelse med Apowersoft Screen Recorder-alternativet. Du kan lave tegning eller tilføje kommentarer baseret på dit behov.

Trin 5 Klik på det røde firkantede ikon for at stoppe optagelsen. Du kan se en forhåndsvisning og trimme optagefilen. Klik senere Gem efterfulgt af Næste at eksportere din videooptagelse.

Gå ikke glip af: Sådan optages streaming lyd

Alternativ lydoptager

Hvis du kun vil optage en sang eller et hvilket som helst lydklip, kan du køre Apeaksoft gratis online lydoptager direkte. Der er ingen tidsbegrænsning. Du kan optage intern og ekstern lyd som MP3 uden kvalitetstab. Alle former for lyd kan optages i Apowersoft gratis online lydoptageralternativ. Du kan optage lyd fra streaming af musiksider, stemmechats, Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC Media Player osv. Real-time pre-listen funktion kan hjælpe dig med at kontrollere, før du eksporterer.

Trin 1 Besøg det officielle websted for Apeaksoft Free Online Audio Recorder.

Trin 2 Klik på Start Recording og først få løfteraketten.

Trin 3 Vælg inputkilde. Du kan vælge, om du vil optage intern lyd eller mikrofonlyd.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Espanol Latino

Trin 4 Klik på REC for at starte optagelse af streaming-lyd. Du kan pause og genoptage optagelse af lyd frit.

Trin 5 Forhåndsvis din optagelseslyd. Senere kan du gemme det på din computer som MP3-format.

Del 3: Ofte stillede spørgsmål om Apowersoft gratis online skærmoptager

Er Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder sikkert at bruge?

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Free Download

Ja. Selvom du er nødt til at registrere en gratis konto, før du optager med Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, er Apowersoft stadig sikkert at stole på. Ingen malware eller virus.

Apowersoft online download-loop-download-problem

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder For Pc

Hvis du bruger Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder i Windows 10, kan du muligvis møde, at Apowersoft launcher ikke fungerer. Du skal stadig hente det igen og igen før optagelse. I løbet af denne tid kan du gå til Task manager for at kontrollere, om Apowersoft online launcher er blevet lanceret eller ikke manuelt.

Hvad er forskellen mellem Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder og dens desktop-version?

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Version

Alle online skærmoptagere kræver en stabil internetforbindelse, mens du kan optage skærmvideo og lyd offline via skærmoptager-software. Hvis du vil optage spil og andre live-streamingvideoer, anbefales det at bruge Apowersoft Screen Recorder fuld version eller andre professionelle skærmoptagere offline.

Apowersoft gratis online skærmoptager er stadig værd at prøve. Når du har installeret Apowersoft-launcher i din browser, kan du optage video og lyd online gratis. Online skærmoptager er god til at registrere enkle aktiviteter. Men for spillere og streamere er Apowersoft gratis videooptager online ikke nok. Du kan gå til Apeaksoft Screen Recorder eller andre ultimative skærmoptagere.

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