AhnLab V3 Internet Security - a comprehensive PC security solution, provides strong protection and proactive defense for corporate computers against various security threats and contributes to building. AhnLab V3 Internet Security is an intuitive security package that can protect your computer against multiple types of threats, while featuring an easy-to-use interface. It also offers various other. This impressive variety of options solidifies AhnLab’s commitment to the enterprise market and should provide system administrators with everything they need to make sure that rolling out V3 Internet Security is a smooth and successful endeavor. V3 Internet Security is available for a 30-day trial after which it can be purchased.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about V3 Home.

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  • V3 Home is a security solution for home IoTV3 Home is a security solution for home IoT devices. By connecting V3 Home to the router you use at home, V3 Home can monitor entire network traffic of all devices connected to the router. devices.
  • Yes, we only collect metadata (small portion of packet) of the network traffic via encrypted 'secure channel'. We need those information fed into the AI engine to determine the malicious activity. However, any user sensitive data is trimmed and is not collected at all.
  • V3 Home will work for you regardless of the region but make sure that you need to have a router to connect.
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    Do I need V3 Home devices as many as IoT devices to protect?

    No, it doesn’t matter how many IoT devices you use but the router. If you are using 100 IoT devices connected to a single router, you need just one V3 Home device. However, if you use multiple routers at home, you need to setup V3 Home devices for each router.
  • No, it doesn't have routing feature with it now. We have plan to add routing feature in the near future.
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    Do I need to install an application on every device?

    There is no need to install additional application on your IoT devices to protect them and this is why V3 Home is needed. Even with V3 Home you still need antivirus software to protect your PC because the ability of these solutions are totally different. However you can't use antivirus software on the IoT devices like IP camera or smart refrigerator.
  • Currently It doesn't but in the future, it may because the Key Features of V3 Home such as IP filtering based on the blacklist or archiving the security logs cost for the maintenance just like antivirus software.
  • Your serial number is located on a label on the back of the product, under the LAN port.

Unlike traditional software-based antivirus, the AhnLab V3 Click is an all-new gadget-type antivirus designed to protect your computers in an intuitive and easy to use way. You can perform virus scanning just by pressing the button, no complicated configuration required. The intuitive green-blue-red lights will show you if your computer is safe or not. When you switch to another computer, just plug in the V3 Click and keep you protected. It also features a 2-port Secure Hub that scans USB devices the moment they are inserted, allowing you to exchange data with complete confidence. Minitool partition wizard pro ultimate full version.

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Pack the AhnLab V3 Click into your bag, and keep the protection close at your hand.

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  • Full Antivirus Function3 Click has all the must-have features you need in an antivirus. Clean Wise: Quickly scans the most vulnerable areas in your computer, and to enhance system performances. Clean Wide: Thoroughly scan the entire system and enhance your system’s performance. Stay Awake: Monitors your computer sat all times, and detects security threats running. PC Clinic Chart: Shows you the operation history of V3 Click and the current status of your computer.
  • Simple & IntuitiveInstead of excessive and overflowing features and options, a simple array of condensed features will help you through your problems without confusion. Without trying to read between the lines or even interpret the terms of antivirus, the intuitive green-blue-red lights will show you if your computer is safe or not. A simple short click or long click will start to run Clean Wise or Clean Wide. As long as you know how to read traffic lights, you’ll have no problem using V3 Click.
  • PC OptimizationV3 Click offers a both quick and thorough type of PC optimization. By effectively moving junk out of your registry, temp files and memory it will not only stabilize but enhance the system performance of your computer. Don’t worry; PC optimization doesn’t need to be performed separately like your ordinary antivirus. Simply run Clean Wise or Clean Wide and your PC optimization will follow automatically.
  • 2-Port Secure USB HubThreats against the computer come from a lot of places but besides the internet, unsecured storage devices are one of the frequent sources of threats. V3 Click offers a new concept of USB hubs, a 2-Port Secure Hub. Not only will it act as a typical 2-Port USB hub, it will also immediately scan the USB device for threats, when inserted into the hub, and will delete/repair if a threat is found. V3 Click will protect the computer from all USB devices before any unsecured data is transferred.
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